Sweet, Sweet Music!

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As Moonchild said: Sweet, Sweet Music!...this music is perfect, thanks to all musicians here that contribute to this wonderful track, was fun and the lyrics and voice are brilliant... keys, drums, bass >3 love your work on this...Now i hope my add is on your taste, hope you like my humble violin :)... i recommend headphones!


Great job friend, a cool idea to mix a violin sound in this funkydisco track, a very good contrast and the lead is just fantastic, I find the violin a very difficult instrument !!! great sound friend :)+1
März 25 2018 11:21:18
Lumy Thank you , much appreciated...I am glad you like it, this track was like a spark, explosion of joy, your bass is stunning and i know as well how hard is a bass to play, you need to have a double sense of tempo :D +1
März 25 2018 11:31:11
GlezBass Thanks friend, the bass is halfway between the beat of the drum and the fundamental harmony of a song, is the perfect interface between percussion and harmony sometimes, with a little sense of groove come out his notes of the fretboard ... ha ha
Since I play fretless I know how hard it is to play instruments without string frets, that "difficulty" does not have instruments tuned by frets or keys ... of course they are all complex instruments ... for me the ones with wind are even a mystery :|
That's a really catchy track! Your violin adds a folk/country feeling to 70s funk base - a pretty unusual but nice combination. You're very creative!

BTW, check the output levels at about 1:50-2:05 - sounds like a bit of clipping. Everything else sounds great!
März 25 2018 13:00:57
Lumy Thanks, believe me, I didn't intend to have a 70s violin feeling even if I like that musical period... Is just a normal cheap electric violin with maybe too much of Reverb... oh, and something new for me was to mix the violin twice as I discovered I could do that in the same recording session... well, I am just a woman not a sound engineer....but i learn fast :D.. Thanks for your applications +0
Hey Lumy! It is great to hear a violin on the Loops! You added some cool lines and harmonics to the track! Enjoyed it a lot! :)+1
März 25 2018 15:28:22
Lumy Thanks Marc...i am glad you like my add, thanks for the inspiration, you all here done a very good job...for me is nice to be appreciated by people with good experience in wiki-looping here ;) +1
Wom Lumy, super melody, arrangements 2nd violin good idea
It is well done
You should put an HD track I'm sure that one of the mix champions, will you tinker your sound :)
März 25 2018 15:25:44
Lumy Hi Jypeka, thanks for appreciating... I am not so sure how to upload an HD track, is like I have two left-hands when is about this sort of thing :) +0
März 25 2018 15:42:20
Jypeka HD is a big word, you actually delete, or you close the track that you downloaded with all the instruments, and you return yours in mp3 in "download track HD" +1
März 25 2018 15:48:17
Lumy Oh, i know what you mean now....a bit too late i am afraid, as i didn't save the project B) +1
Super Idea and melody !+1
März 25 2018 15:57:05
Lumy Thanks ,glad you like it! +0
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