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When I heard this wonderful add from Balfo I had the pleasure to enjoy Betsy´s wonderful voice for the first time. I decided to make little adding but I noticed that Pat already had made a great song for the track. I decided to mix the first part of his great song to the track as an "introduction" (duetish effect) to Betsy´s awesome song. The I added A bass line an El-piano a Piano and a little congas in the ...


April 15 2018 22:40:23
Peterpingo Thanks Frankie. So glad you like. Very much appreciated. :) +1
Major 3rd
awesome!!!!! wow...sounds fabulous! what a great song...a hit! well done Peter! cheers:D love how you changed the intro...and the full sound now amazing. top notch work by all.+2
April 16 2018 00:23:30
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Craig. I´m so glad you like. I was actually surprised how smooth the part with pats vocal to Betsys went. Her add is one note higher than "the original version".THX for listening and liking. :) +1
April 16 2018 00:24:57
Major 3rd
Major 3rd listening and listening...in love with this tune! cheers +0
April 16 2018 00:27:30
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Pats tracks are always wonderful. But I was really astonished by Betsy´s wonderful voice for this track. I hope she will be making a lot of adds in the future. (What a voice <3 ) +1
April 16 2018 00:31:07
Major 3rd
Major 3rd whose the guy singing? is that a voice change effect? agreed she is super singer....supa dupa! +1
April 16 2018 00:38:11
Major 3rd
Peterpingo The guy-singer is Pat. It´s from the track "I Am Your Man" (#126464). :) +1
April 16 2018 01:18:38
Major 3rd
Major 3rd ty +0
what a great remix, Peter. Thank you so much!! 😊+2
April 17 2018 08:03:23
Peterpingo Thanks Pat. I´m so happy you like. Much appreciated. THX for this great song. :) +1
This is a great add! Sounds really great, the track is full, and mix lets it all shine!+1
April 15 2018 19:13:09
Peterpingo Thanks Dave. :) This is really a great track and there has been so many wonderful adds for it already but I really liked to make this add. And so happy to hear Betsy´s wonderful voice here on the loops. Hope she will make a lot of songs here. THX for listening and liking my friend. :) +0
April 15 2018 19:14:53
BuzzBomber I am always impressed at your support for the other musicians here both in words and musically +1
April 15 2018 19:29:28
Peterpingo I am very impressed to see that the support of all kinds are so general here on the loops. I think people no matter instrument or "style" are very kind listening and supporting to each other on this site. Maybe the rest of the "world" could learn and benefit from that. ;) +2
April 15 2018 19:53:29
BuzzBomber Agree with all that! +1
Hey Peter, you are a music architect! Really a great work from you!+1
April 15 2018 19:30:50
Peterpingo :) Thanks Peter. I´m so glad you like. Thank you for your kind words my friend. :Y +1
Fantastic mix!+1
April 16 2018 20:08:06
Peterpingo Thanks Balfo. I really had an awesome time with this track. Thank you for giving me the chance. I´m so glad you like. THX for listening. :) +1
This is a stunning song and you mixed it beautifully Peter I was playing around with this myself a little but I think your congas and WDs drums are perfect as are your wonderful adds you are making magic sounds.... bravo😊❤️+1
April 17 2018 07:59:34
Peterpingo Thanks Pete. :) I´m so glad you like. WD´s track was actually in the last part of Betsy´s great song. I Just thought it should be more so I downloaded and mixed his HD track. THX my friend :) +1
Awesome work Peter.You have such a great talent my friend:)+1
April 17 2018 07:56:20
Peterpingo Thanks Marc. Your comment is very kind. Much appreciated my friend. :) +1
francisco al
belo trabalho de remix, amigo Peterpingo+1
April 20 2018 06:03:03
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks Francisco. I´m so glad you like. :) +0
Incredible!!!! WOW... Sounds so GREAT!!!! You so well add the perfect sounds so well played by you on multiple instruments and Man, your a MASTER mixer my friend!!+1
April 21 2018 15:57:29
Peterpingo And you are such a nice guy Dan. I´m always so happy read your great comments. I really appreciate it and at the same time I´m very honoured that it comes from a great capacity like you my friend. :) +0
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