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Vocals by my amazing daughter. We have done a few covers that I can't post here. She has a beautiful voice. I hope to get to do some more songs with her.
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Such a Beautiful voice she has Celtic qualities within her me she sounds naturally untrained and authentic (which I think amongst all the mimicry today shows true originality) the theme is inspired and the music as wonderful as your talent always gives of
More please
Please bring her in more often, My goodnes so lovely please congratulate her I am a fan+2
a very talented lady and I certainly hope to hear more from you both :) lovely song :)Beautifully performed+2
<3 :) <3+2
This is Kim, correct? Bravo! Please extend compliments to her!+2
Mai 14 2018 21:43:34
Acousticeg Yes, She is my daughter. She lives in New Haven, CT where she works as a photojournalist for Yale University. Before that she worked for NBC and was part of the NBC Nightly News team. She graduated from Stanford University. She loves to play guitar and sing. And was active in Stanfords acapella group. As you can tell I'm very proud of here. This song is one of the rare occasions we found time to record something together. +1
Mai 14 2018 23:36:07
LeftTheLoops9-18 You should be proud!Thanks for sharing this! +0
awesome singing, your daughter have really beatiful voice:W:D+1
A very very talented family:D:D:D+1
Wonderful...great song and beautiful voice :)+1
the daughter's voice is so nice!!! The song wonderful :)+1
what a combo :)+1
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