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I am so Grateful when I find music from Eric! I listened many times to this before playing, counting on playing Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. Eric is Jazz but this pure Magic from him spanned (in my head) Jazz from Ron Carter's bass to the Do-Wop ballad that sneaks in so naturally but as cool Jazz. But when I started playing it was nothing I thought I would play...and I got so involved, I did not realize Eric stopped ...
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Thank you very much Dan. You have supplemented this in a beautiful way. What a beautiful sound in your sax and beatiful lines with Stan Getz atmosphere. You motivate me enormously to stay busy with jazz. thanks friend!!+2
Juli 09 2018 17:14:51
Itocpogo So very kind of you Eric!!! Thank You for this Wonderful music and your Fantastic Jazz playing!!!! You bass style brings tears to my eyes!!!! Your progression here is Incredible and your Jazz feel in playing it is pure "Magic", so Beautiful!!!! Always keep playing my friend!!!! +1
Wonderful add for this track Dan. I love these tracks where you blend so wonderfully and harmonic with a bass. Really great work from both of you guys. :W+1
Juli 09 2018 17:06:23
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! Eric is Amazing!!!! So my musicians just have "Jazz" in their blood and to me, Eric is one of them!!!! +1
Juli 09 2018 17:28:12
Peterpingo I definitely consider you a great great jazz musician too Dan. And you have a fantastic view on as well improvisation as harmonic phrases. That´s why you work so great together with an instrument that´s basically not playing the chords. You build the harmonies through you notes. That´s so great my friend. :W +1
When jazz is pure extension of the soul outside the box! That sax flies free and driven only by the desire to shout music. I love when the bass stops but Dan you are flying too high to stop. Magic! :)+1
Juli 09 2018 17:10:51
Itocpogo Thank You so much Stef!!! Your comment is so gracious my friend!!!!! I love all kinds of music and love playing all kinds!!! Sometimes it is impossible to classify a song to a typical genre! Eric oozes "Jazz" to me and I so much Love playing Jazz especially when it has the emotion and that unknown Wonderful "Jazz" essence . Eric's playing represents that Jazz Essence. +0
Dan, you harmonize here with the bass fantastically melodious. That has become a beautiful piece. I hear it again and again with enthusiasm.+1
Juli 09 2018 17:18:55
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Rene!!!!! My heart skipped a beat when I found this!!!! Eric for me has an Enormous Jazz feel in sound, playing, composing!!! And his playing here is so Incredible and Beautiful!!! +1
Juli 09 2018 17:49:43
abuitremorem I also appreciate Eric very much. as a bassist and as a musician who seeks and finds new ways. Have many great experiences with him and José. The two have been playing together for a long time. I then joined later and thanks to the two, especially José, I found the entry into Wikiloops. +0
this is so nice & it's not easy so follow the ideas of ericblom... your sax fast runs are fantastic, Dan!!! :W :D+1
Juli 09 2018 17:28:03
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Joao!!!!! When I first heard Eric play this, I was in Total Awe!!!!! Eric's bass playing is so what Jazz is all about, improvising, swing, timing, harmonics!!!! I was in another place when I started to play this. The Best of the Jazz Greats say that it is rare when you reach that ultimate "communication happiness" playing with your fellow band mates! So for me it is even much more rare. Maybe 3 times in playing gigs for 50 years, and with this, 4 times!!! +1
francisco al
bonita canção, amigo Itocpogo. ficou joia+1
Juli 09 2018 17:32:19
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado, Francisco !!!! Meu coração pulou uma batida ouvindo Eric tocar aqui !!!! Eric é para mim o que é Jazz, improvisando, criando, balançando, harmônicos !!!! Ele exala aquele sentimento de Jazz. Verdadeiramente minha honra para jogar em sua obra-prima +0
Perfection! Bravo and thanks my friends! <3+1
Juli 09 2018 17:35:51
Itocpogo Thanks so very much!!!! I appreciate it!!! Eric is the Essence of "Jazz". For me Jazz is about pushing the boundaries of creation and Eric is always doing that! An d this his playing here is do Incredible and Beautiful pushing the creativity process. +1
Good to hear you so involved Dan, it’s marvelous and infectious to be so clearly engrossed....great from you both:W:)+1
Juli 09 2018 17:38:48
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Peter!!!! We all react differently to music we hear! My heart skipped a beat listening to Eric play here!!! Eric oozes "Jazz" feelings always pushing the boundaries to create which for me is the Essence of Jazz and Eric here created a Masterpiece. +1
Perfect adequation Dan ! :)+1
Juli 09 2018 17:44:48
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Titi! I love all styles of Jazz and for me the Ultimate Jazz goal is "creating". Eric is always creating with his pure Jazz focus and here , for me he created a Masterpiece!!! It is not often I as a listener find that Jazz "perfection" and it is even much rarer that I play good Jazz. But here Eric reached that perfection goal for me as a listener and I was so in another world playing on his Masterpiece!! +1
a really great sax add Dan...;););)+1
Juli 09 2018 17:46:15
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Slin!!! I so much appreciate it! Eric is for me the consummate Jazz creator, always searching!! And here he created Masterpiece!!! +1
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