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This track continues my experiments with my new setup. For this one I run my guitar through the Weeping Demon Wahwah set permanently on the sweeeet spot roughly in the middle, Then TC Distortion and Ibanez tube screamer, with the Amp on the clean channel with fairly low volume. Then through my AKG D310 s microphone, through a USB interface into the computer. After I recorded it, I added different effects and equalizer to each of the three solo pieces. ...
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just realised... dick, funkt, and teegee and me are all gonna be at wikifest...gotta be done ...right?+2
Juli 19 2018 08:48:27
TeeGee I'm counting on it! +0
First a great solo. I like it very much. Thank you for the description. So I can well understand how the sound was created. Out of curiosity compared to one of your older tracks. Result: I can not hear enough to actually hear the new mic position. In the point I lack references and experience. Have to test in Vandal (SW-Amp) the Mics.:)+2
Juli 19 2018 09:23:56
TeeGee Hi Abu, I think the reasons the old setup and the new sound similar are
1) I use the same guitar and pickups

2) I do like this sort of guitar sound, so I adjust the new effect pedals so it sounds like it

3) part of the sound comes from the fingers and playing style.

But what is different:
a) I have much better sustain than before, it was one of these things I was looking for.

b) Now I can use the Wah pedal together with all pedals, where before I was limited

c) Playing through my real tube amp means I can replicate the sound when playing live or recording

d) Microphone position: This is something I haven't really played a lot with. But last Friday I talked to Dick, and he told me that it is better for sound quality to place the microphone more on the side of the speaker than right in the middle, so I tried it. But need more time to play with this :)
Juli 19 2018 14:52:48
abuitremorem Thank you TG - that's convincing :) +1
yeah cool Tee, great track!!! :O:W+1
you know its gonna get some!+1
The harmonic minor licks are reminiscent of Malmsteen’s phrasing.+1
Juli 19 2018 09:41:40
TeeGee Thanks man. I have to admit, I had to look Malmsteen up, I don't listen to Metal at all - but this dude can play the shit out of a Strat!! When I recorded this yesterday I did about three or so runs, a few of those were test runs which had some crazy licks and maybe some more faster sections, but for the "real" recording I concentrated more on keeping some sort of melody theme going, with variations of the first section coming in the second and third solo. Plus, I concentrated a lot on the tone and the sustain. But overall I am happy the way my new setup is coming along, next week I will get my MXR Dyna Comp pedal, and then the last bit will be a delay pedal - this one proves to be the hardest for me to decide upon. So many options, and none are cheap... :/ +1
Very cool TG :)+1
Juli 19 2018 14:32:20
TeeGee Thanks man! +0
Killer tone brother+1
Juli 19 2018 14:32:32
TeeGee Thanks :) +1
Aws:ome TG :W :D
Just great guitar playing :W
And yes, this tone is killer !!!! :D :W :D
Zum verlieben :D
Juli 19 2018 14:34:47
TeeGee Danke lieber Franky :) tja leider wird der gute alte Tonelab ST nach vielen Jahren ausgemustert... war zwar viel einfacher mit dem Anschluss als die verdammte Kabelei die ich jetzt habe, aber... :) +1
Oooo! This is good! Been a little buried, but the week is ending! This has a cool tone and feel+1
francisco al
ótimo jogo, amigo TeeGee+1
November 01 2018 15:33:24
francisco al
TeeGee Thanks :) +0
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