my looper gently dreams

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ERWAN376 jams

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same as above with some beat (It may be less weird with it) feel free to start the jam anywhere
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pop cello


sounds really cool :W+1
Super bien ! son et maitrise du looper :o ;)+1
like the sweep in cordial note play attitude, kinda like my mind works but in different style. guess i could make a metal cover... thanks man, inspiration is here :W+1
Oktober 18 2018 00:05:57
ERWAN You're welcome I often start from a clean version before transposing it in metal Hate to hear what it inspired you:W +0
Oktober 18 2018 00:14:00
ERWAN oups lost in translation (Hate is in fench / Be on hold in english) +0
well, to be honest, i've already recorded synths and Carillon tracks, and mix its with your mix...but… well… i haven't made a real job on remastering, cuz of this mixed track… wait a minute… or there are 2 jammers Called ERWAN or anyway, you were at the Cello and on drums… so, i can upload new version after Voice and bass then ! bye bye+1
Oktober 18 2018 01:20:43
ERWAN Here we are, the single beat track is now available in the list of Hd download. have fun Stony :o +0
well, … #148989 just uploaded here few minutes before the release of the solo track… thank you very much anyway, not for the solo track, but for both the tracks already !+1
excellent track… but… i have to blame you not having shared a solo version, for me to be able to remix with Mamotte singing, and Wjl's Bass track… well… as the Mickey's harp, your battery didn't make you remember to shared an HD solo track too… well, i mean, if Something is really bad about this track, it's about upload i think even if it doesn't definitively is a part of the musician job… what about the Producer and the distributor guys, they can't do their Fucking jobs if no solo tracks ! <3 :D B) :P :o+0
Oktober 18 2018 00:39:12
ERWAN okay I look for a way to give you the beat in a single , come back soon with a link to donwload it +0
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