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Couldn't resist these two lovely ladies to accompany them on this great tune! Did it without the guitar, i tried to find some flavours between the lines but these sisters are very strict with their great singing so they had me by the neck! :) cheers and hope you like it! have a great weekend all, Marc


Come on, are you complaining because 2 girls "have you by the neck" ? Poor little boy :(
Glad you appreciated the harmos, big job entering the chords correctly on the screen, if you mistake once, you have to do it all over from the beginning, which happenend several times. You bring your special colors anyway, that was the goal, to hear it with different backgrounds, thanks a bunch Marc, your touch is always special to my ears :)
Oktober 26 2018 18:18:08
Marceys Well... i never complain when two girls have me by the neck actually.....<3 <3
The administration thingie on the chordtabs can be a pain in the @ss indeed sometimes.....
Glad you dig the keys on the track! You two did a great job, you should do that more often, great synergy... <3
Hop hop hop, a purple brother for the sisters :)+2
Oktober 26 2018 21:41:48
Marceys Was great fun, think you should jump on it too! Or wait or some drums first... if there are any of course! :) +2
Oktober 26 2018 22:51:17
Tofzegrit I must ask my own sister if she would be glad to have sisters because she only have 2 brothers at this time, my brother already have one brother and me too... so you could be the third and the second in the same time then, I would have to ask my sister if she would be glad to have another cool brother.... family things are complicated:)

Maybe I should ask my guitar directly!
Oktober 26 2018 23:20:01
marmotte [img][/img] +2
Oktober 27 2018 00:30:32
AnneCozean yes, your sister would be happy to have sisters. ask me how I know. <3 +2
Nice one Marc<3+1
Oktober 26 2018 16:59:56
Marceys The ladies are great together! Tried to blend in! :) +1
Excellent jam Marc <3+1
Oktober 26 2018 17:00:15
Marceys Thanks a lot! Enjoyed it! +1
:53! 1:57 - truly brilliant! The final patch of blue is sweet. Pure Class, Marc. I sure like your inimitable style, and so happy you joined our party. :)+1
Oktober 26 2018 17:05:25
Marceys Real glad you like it Anne! My way of playing is kinda rhythmical so i did it without the guitar. I was in it’s way all the time!
Enjoyed the red and green zones very much, very cool harmonics that you two did there!
Tried to keep it clean to keep room for others! Hoping for some drums now! :)
Thanks for the great time!
Oktober 26 2018 17:08:28
AnneCozean my way of playing is "kinda rhythmical"
you can say THAT again, Marc - about a million times! <3
sounds great+1
Oktober 26 2018 17:06:53
Marceys Thanks, the sisters did it right! :) +0
wow .. perfect add to the vox .. really cool Marc!! :W+1
Oktober 26 2018 18:14:22
Marceys Enjoyed it Ernie! Jump in please, it needs that lowend glue for sure! :) +1
Oktober 26 2018 18:15:41
Ernie440 :) it's in my tado list now!! :) +2
Fantastic Sound Marceys ;)cool ;)+1
Oktober 27 2018 22:55:22
Marceys Thanks a lot Charli! +0
Fantastic arrangements job with the keys :)+1
Oktober 27 2018 22:56:02
Marceys I followed the path the ladies gave us! Thanks Mario! :) +1
:W :D fantastic+1
Oktober 27 2018 22:56:37
Marceys Enjoyed playing with the voices of these ladies! :) +1
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