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This is a cool track, even when its harmony is relatively straight, it invites to weave melodies and solos in a "jazz fusion" spirit. The work of Marcey, WhiteDrum55 and GlezBass (musical and audio related) is simply great, fresh and open, I feel like a fish in water! . I record 2 guitar parts: 1st section intro 0~0:29, Melody 0:30~0:55, Electric high overdrive solo 0:56~2:04, from 2:04 to end I set my guitar in synth mode (as a ...
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fusion, guitarsynth


:o:o:o:o me he quedado sin palabras!! que maravilla Carlos! eres un musico impresionante, Gracias por la descripcion tecnica, asi siempre algo aprendemos. Se me hizo corta la jam :) El sonido "trompetero" de Metheny como siempre impresionante, pero claro... aunque no este jugado por Metheny, no se nota ja ja ja. Magnifico!!!

I've get out of words!! what a wonder Carlos! you are an awesome musician, Thanks for the technical description, so we always learn something. The jam smile was short The sound "like a trumpet" of Metheny as always impressive, but of course ... although it is not played by Metheny, it is not notice ha ha ha. Magnificent!!!
November 05 2018 11:00:22
Jazzpick Gracias Mario! es que es dificil no sentirse inspirado con vuestras participaciones, se me hizo dificil escoger un jam entre tantisimos excelentes, y en los que en muchos tu participas. Gracias por esa energia! en cuanto al mix hice lo posible de balancear bien guitarra y pista, pero creo que se me fuéron un poco altas mis guitarras en el contexto, ¿tu que crees? Se que no se puede sustituir (creo) pero ya preparé una segunda mezcla para subirla como HD y dar la opcion de escuchar un remix mas equilibrado. +1
November 05 2018 11:02:34
Jazzpick Thanks, Mario! is not easy can't be inspired by the each musician contribution in the track, it was difficult for me to choose a jam among many excellent ones, and you participate in many ones as well. Thanks for that energy! As for the mix I did my best to balance guitar and track, but I think my guitars were a bit high in the context, what do you think? I know it can't be substituted (I think) but I already prepared a second mix to upload it as HD file and bring the option to listen to a more balanced remix. +1
November 05 2018 14:58:55
GlezBass Yo veo el mix bien para mis oidos, si tienes que eliminar una jam que no te guste o equivocada, solo tienes que pulsar la bandera roja que hay al final del reproductor. Otra opcion es mantener la version y subir la nueva en el mismo arbol como etiqueta "mixer" ;) +1
Wonderful work, Carlos! And welcome to the loops! :)+1
November 05 2018 11:10:22
Jazzpick Thanks Wolfang, I appreciate that. I've been hearing some of your jams, there are tons of good taste and love in your musical work! I will look for a space ato try contribute in some. Also, I hope someday be photographed for you with my guitar at hands. :W +1
Magnificent Carlos!welcome to the loops!+1
November 05 2018 11:38:26
Jazzpick Thanks Onorium! AS I said before being a newcomer here, I need to going listening and catch up, you are a great bass player! +1
Wow what an entry :W Welcome to the loops, thank you for the technical description much appreciated!+1
November 05 2018 11:33:32
Jazzpick Thanks TeeGee! you are a veteran of Loops! I'm just here recently, and I have to catch up with patience, and you have excellent jams! please... keep going with guitar, to be someone who grabbed it again after many years is too good! I could not have guessed :W +1
November 05 2018 14:50:41
TeeGee well after hearing your tracks I am considering retirement again... :O +1
November 06 2018 03:56:57
Jazzpick Hahaha please no! my second post first guiltiness lol :( :D:D :W +1
Wow !!! Welcome on the loops bro ! Amazing play and groove :o:D+1
November 05 2018 11:24:56
Jazzpick Thanks so much Arno! if there is something I love is a well played and recorded steel strg. acoustic guitar, you achieve both! I am very new in Loops, and I must listen such immensity of jams to my available time, I have listening a bit of your remixes and there is a sign of someone with undoubted good taste and talent, who is honest and serious with what play and perform! :W +1
November 05 2018 11:28:50
ARNOSOLO Thank you very much for all these nice compliments! I can not wait to listen to your next jam on the loops. See you soon :W +1
You are my new hero amigo!
Me gusta mucho :)
November 05 2018 11:16:24
Jazzpick Thanks Christophe, I think you are all my heroes now! you have an incredible participation in Loops, and many good performances and own material that I will try to go listening within my possibilities. And why not, together jam I see as very possible! I am available for whatever you need. BEst! +1
great!!!! :):W+1
November 05 2018 13:00:17
Jazzpick Thanks jjdf! :W +0
Espectacular ese solo! :o+1
November 05 2018 12:57:14
Jazzpick Gracias Felix! :W +1
Terrific add Jazzpick. Beautifully done! :W+1
November 05 2018 19:38:01
Jazzpick Thanks WhiteDrum55! you are a outstanding drummer! thanks for the inspiring beat for this jam! I can see myself chasing your mixes on Loops. :W +1
November 06 2018 01:13:14
WhiteDrum55 This is the fourth time I listened to this wonderful track today. The pads definitely invoke Metheny, but the wonderful guitar playing invokes a more Ritenour vibe <3, at least to my ears. Cheers! +1
Awesome guitar and mix! Well done!+1
November 05 2018 19:34:03
Jazzpick Thanks LittleWing! I heard you remix in this jam and drop a comment about, it sound great. I read you rig, nice!! I also have a PRS SE, Bernie Marsden MKII with Duncans JBeck bridge and Pearl Gates neck, I swap the original bridge for a wrap around TonePros and set split coils with push pull. :) +1
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