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This jam touched my soul especially since although I am not a legitimate Spanish gypsy guitarist, I am a jazzy blueser rocker lent to the wonderful flamenco duende with great respect to my heroes like Paco de Lucia, Manolo San Lucar, Al Dimeola, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo , Pepe Habichuela and others. The percussion track of Mortheol and the incredible add flamenco soul from GlezBass (Mario), native of Spain, gave me the excuse to record my remix. Here basically are ...
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Carlos!!! :o a ver por donde empiezo...
- los acordes que has metido son totalmente flamencos,se nota como conoce el mundillo, incluido los "rasgueos" que son fundamentales en el toque de la guitarra flamenca
- el acorde de entrada a la jam es de maestros!!
- el fraseo de fondo que realiza no sabemos si es flamenco o arabigo como suena a veces el flamenco!!
- los sonidos de guitarra electrica al mas puro estilo DiMeola son grandiosos, los de nylon string me recuerda al maestro de maestros Paco de Lucia
- la libreria que comenta es grandiosa en el sonido que obtiene
- ni en mis sueños mas humedos musicales pense que al hacer esta jam ta peculiar al bajo iba a oir algo de este nivel musical y magistral

cuando la oiga 3 veces mas como ya he hecho ... encontrare mas matices, en resumen GENIAL!
November 11 2018 21:03:58
Jazzpick Mi amigo Mario! querias sangre gitana en el ruedo de las seis cuerdas?? :D gracias por tus acertados comentarios, dignos de un conocedor y portador del mensaje por las venas! tienes razon, la influencia "mora" es parte de la esencia flamenca como lo es el alma gitana! yo creo que en parte es precisamente por esa sangre española y gitana de mis abuelos y mi madre, que no se me quita la costumbre de erizarme con el flamenco!

Por otro lado ese bajo y esas armonias que me diste de base son increiblemente inspiradoras desde mi punto de vista, eres un crack impartiendole sentido, corazon y alma a la musica que haces, sin importar para nada que leas o no una nota de musica escrita, como ya hablamos esto NO SE PUEDE tocar de una partitura con el correcto sentido! GRACIAS !!! :W<3:Y:D
November 11 2018 21:11:44
GlezBass has clavado la jam amigo!! ya decia ya decia yo....ahora lo entiendo todo con ese torrente sanguineo materno.... jajaja. Gracias por tu amable observacion respecto a mi musica, todo un gran cumplido viniendo de un maestro como tu! ;) +1
fantastic sound and play!!! this is pro stuff my friend!!!! :W:D:W:W+1
November 11 2018 21:55:05
Jazzpick Gracias Joao! glad to share it with you! :W:D +1
November 12 2018 09:32:07
jjdf Allow me to say you are a damn good 👍genial musician, man!!!...Many thanks for sharing your art with us... +0
I did enjoy this :) very much :)+1
November 11 2018 21:05:29
Jazzpick Gracias Shi! if you enjoy this music is by sure because do you have a very sensible spirit! :) :W +1
Great! :)+1
Just ordered a gp10 and the gk pickup thanks to you!+1
November 11 2018 21:22:57
Jazzpick Really??? wow! :o good news! congratulations :) I hope you enjoy your GP-10 I am sure you will. I will tell you a bit of history behind, the base COSM nylon tone which is inside GP-10 and GR-55 is like a rough diamond, which unfortunately has not possible get factory presets for a more realistic Spanish guitar sound, sounding more like a ukulele on steroids through a cel speaker :D hehe

That encouraged me, as a sound designer for guitar EFX, to create a custom process based on aural bi-EQ for the GP-10 to achieve a more real acoustic guitar sound as like Spain and South America instruments, so I created my NyRAC library (Real Nylon Acoustic Collection) and it was such a success (to my total surprise) that many guitarists, like you did, ordered a GP-10 just to have the nylon guitar sound. When you got your gp-10 just tell me to give you my NyRAC library :)

For more information this is the promo video I made for NyRAC

And this the thread in Virtual guitar forum (there my nick is Autana)

November 11 2018 21:29:49
LittleWing Thank you Carlos. Boss should hire you! +1
November 11 2018 21:35:27
Jazzpick hahaha I think so ...I think so, my library is loaded on users GP-10's around the world, and in spite of being donationware, I have not received even half of what my Internet connection one month expense :@ :( :| hahahaha :Y :W +0
November 11 2018 21:57:26
LittleWing Awesome! Thank you so much. Your patches sound great! I currently use custom patches from Glenn Delaune. He programs the gp10 as well. Keep up the great playing! Its very inspiring watching you have fun! +1
November 11 2018 22:02:34
Jazzpick Thanks! I know the patchs site of Glenn! excellent, I have some packs. I invite you to sign in VGF, that is the most fantastic virtual guitar depository I meet ever! aside of the infinite info, there is tons of patchs for free, including GP-10 :W +1
November 12 2018 03:32:01
LittleWing I am set up on Vforums. I have no problem donating to you for these . they sound excellent. I will be back when i get it next week.Thank you. You opened a new world for me. +1
You’ve got a great way of telling in the song description! Really like reading that while listening to your marvelous play! Compliments!+1
November 11 2018 21:27:16
Jazzpick Thanks Marceys! that is great my notes serve to bring more than mere info, I am glad you enjoy it ! :W +0
<3<3 esto es totalmente impresionante Jazzpick Carlos,No? saludos de Xavi,y mi mas sincera bienvenida,me alegro tanto de tenerte entre nosotros,un autentico maestro ,Genial amigo :W:W+1
November 11 2018 21:30:38
Jazzpick Gracias Ivax! aprecio mucho tus palabras! no hago mas que darle curso a ese regalo y ese don que el universo nos ha brindado, la música, que como bien sabemos, solo compartiendola a todo nivel lograremos expanderla hasta el infinito y mas alla! me alegra conocerte! :W:D +1
Beautiful and fun <3 :D+1
November 12 2018 15:00:03
Jazzpick Thanks WhiteDrum! :W:Y +1
Really impressive and welcome :W
I use the Gr55 for the violin, but there the flamenco sound is incredible ... better than the sound Metheny :)
November 12 2018 14:59:39
Jazzpick Thanks Jypeka! wow I am glad you use GR-55 for violin! what kind/brand of gk pickup you use? I know about a guy in VGF who play violin with GR-55 too. GReat!! :W :D +0
November 13 2018 12:13:59
Jypeka Yes, there are not many who play in Europe the violin midi
I use this integrated midi system model
But there are other models made today by this Italian manufacturer
Here an overview of some sounds
Even the early wave effects come from the Gr55 ;)
November 15 2018 14:03:42
Jazzpick Beautiful instrument! <3 I left my comment in 126331..great jam! :W +1
Lenny Cowler
November 12 2018 14:57:50
Lenny Cowler
Jazzpick Thansk Lenny! :W +0
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