Twelve Winds Seven

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New Zealand
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I found this nice pattern in 7 by Baer and laid some winds over the top. Thanks for listening if you have time.


Nice style :)+1
Excellent playing in 7 time!!!! Also your lines are Excellent with lovely counterpoint!+1
Nice to hear someone hearing and playing the seven beat. Well done.+1
Dezember 17 2018 00:58:54
AlexNyman Thanks Wade. Much appreciated. I know how time signatures that are a little more complex can scare away a lot of players but to be honest I’ve heard guys make 4/4 sound unfathomable too and I mean that from a respectful point of view. As with all things though once you immerse yourself in a time like 5 or 7 or 11 or whatever it becomes much more approachable. Familiarity breeds respect and understanding😎 +1
Dezember 17 2018 03:21:50
Wade This one as a seven beat was also unique in that the feel was 2,2,2,1. The 2,2,3 or reverse is much more common. Kudos for nailing it. +1
Dezember 17 2018 03:38:20
AlexNyman I guess how you feel the division is a personal thing. +1
Dezember 17 2018 09:26:14
Wade Really nice when you're musically in touch to a point where the rhythm just flows like that. +1
Fantastico! :Y+1
Wow, this is something we don’t hear everyday! Such great harmonics and timing! :) :)+1
Dezember 13 2018 23:01:51
AlexNyman Thanks Marc, it's a cool pattern to play over...that little figure in each second bar feels like it puts the one in a different place....of course the 1 stays where it is but the accent makes you think it's changed... +1
very creative sounds Alex, enjoyed very much :)+1
Dezember 13 2018 20:54:29
AlexNyman Thanks Shi....much appreciated +1
maybe you'd be able to find a tune set-up like this one --- on this track --- #126206 or this one #126349 (I was running your track with that number and was sounding pretty great) or this one #126311+1
Dezember 13 2018 06:11:12
AlexNyman Hey Jim....firstly how did that op go? Well I hope. Secondly I really like the direction of these. I will need to spend more time listening but I'm sure I could work with them...I'm just setting up my keyboard and soft synths etc to hopefully increase my template options to others. Best to you. +1
Dezember 13 2018 14:24:36
Leftdaloops1019 Hernia operation went great I only took 2 installments of pain meds. I've stayed in hospital due to a crash--- then after that fade outs, and finally the heart dr lined me up with Ablation ---- so I do that today or tomorrow.!!!:o:@:| Hopefully it will take care of my A-Fib and I can feel 10 years your and my heart capacity will increase. I've been seeming to get more and more tired these if the heart beats more efficiently it can put more OOMPF per beat --increasing Blood Pressure and refreshing body and brain every beat--EXCITING but SCARY---I didn't want to do this but seems a choice I have to 62yrs old - I've got(who knows) lots of time---so if the heart can function properly then my time will be full of energy +1
Dezember 13 2018 18:44:57
AlexNyman Fabulous Jim. Sounds like they’ve got you on to a good thing. I sincerely hope it works out well. Here’s to vitality and better days ahead☀️☀️☀️ +1
Very creative Alex :) enjoyed kicking back and listening.+1
Super......really nice foundation. I still have my excuse for not adding- maybe in a day or two+1
Dezember 13 2018 00:28:08
Leftdaloops1019 Could be a jazzier XTC styled song with some bass, guitars and vocals love how the flutes function as a -keyboard rhythm—- (XTC) apple Venus or maybe some off skylarking +1
wonderful and intricate work of airy wonder :)+1
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