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Thanks to the son of Pewi (Nicholas Thal) I have used the template he gifted Peter. I've used Tenor and Soprano saxophones in sections and Tenor as a solo horn. No small amount of inspiration from two of my favourite players Norwegian Jan Garbarek and Englishman Tim Garland....hence the title. Thank you Peter for being so generous to share such a cool track with us all. Many thanks for listening if you have time. Alex


Always surprise me with your jams Alex!, great job! :)+1
Januar 08 2019 00:13:07
CameAndWent4-20 That's good....I'll surprise you even more in 2020 as I'm coming over to Portugal and Albufeira to be more exact. Just a 2 week holiday but not too far from Malaga I think....if you're still there then of course....I think there are a few jazz spots in Albufeira so I will definitely bring a horn or two. And maybe get over to Malaga for a beer....:D +1
Januar 08 2019 00:16:29
GlezBass It will be well received as I did with Wade in his day in my city!!! The Algarve is a beautiful area of southern Portugal with incredible beaches! +1
Beautiful :)+1
grand ! :)+1
I could not resist... :)+1
So Beautiful, Alex!!!! Man, love your full bodied tone on tenor and you Fantastic ideas!!!!+1
Januar 08 2019 19:37:02
CameAndWent4-20 Thank you Dan....I've taken ownership of (bought) a fabulous Selmer 1952 Super Balanced Action Tenor a wee while ago after endorsing various manufacturers for many years and I must say there is nothing else like a cracking vintage Selmer...I know you have a MK VI and my very first Tenor was a MK VI too (1962 model) which I had at around 15....unfortunately I left it by the back door of a car one night after a gig....came back from the toilet and the car had been moved and in the process run over my Tenor....never played the same after the repairs...I've had many other vintage Selmer's but this one I have now is just other worldly...very fortunate to have found it...it belonged to a good friend of mine over in Wellington...not a pro player but he had a fabulous collection of saxophones. That and a great mouthpiece from Mark Sepunick in the US and solid silver neck seems to be the perfect fit for me....I'm a happy boy believe me. Are you in NZ at the moment? Do drop by if you're ever in the South Wairarapa....be lovely to meet up. +0
Januar 09 2019 18:54:38
Itocpogo I live in NJ in the USA. Never been to NZ but if I do I so much appreciate your invitation!! In 1972 I purchased a new Selmer Mark VI and made the Big MISTAKE of re-lacquering it in the 1990's because turning green, never sounded the same. Wanted a change, so I tried many new horns at famous Sax store in NJ and did not like the new Selmer's and really loved the sound of the Yamaha 82Z tenor sax, now I have 2 and 1 new 82Zii model. I have always been on the journey to find a mouthpiece and fell in love with the Jody Jazz DV which I use now. When I was 15 in 1962, my first sax was a Conn and I still have it; when I was in the Air Force I took it with me when stationed in Pakistan, playing with a jazz group in off hours and could you believe back then was able to play in our USA Embassy in Kabul,Afghanistan, would be suicide to do it now. If you are in the USA would be honored to meet up with you. +1
Januar 09 2019 20:04:20
CameAndWent4-20 My apologies Dan I was getting confused there with Wade....now I know he's from NZ isn't he? Yamaha are great horns . I played the Custom Tenor and Alto when they first came out in 1992 (?) and I played them for many years....and I still play their Custom 82ZR Soprano....I love their Soprano's...intonation is so good on them. And you still have your old Conn?...so many guys are playing on them now especially the 10M and rightfully so....fabulous horns. So you played in the US Embassy in Kabul? Wow...You're right...certainly not a place I'd want to go any time soon. I really like the Jody mouthpieces. I got to meet up with Jody quite often at the Chinese trade shows when I was endorsing for P.Mauriat and Forestone Saxophones...nice guy and a hell of a salesman and a very good player. The closest we'll be getting to NJ will be Portugal in 2020 but if I do get to the States again I would love to hook up with you....I have a sister who lives up in the Catskills...I moved over there for a year or so in 1986 and used to go into downtown NY for a few lessons with a guy named David Gross...and I was in NY virtually every other week in the early 90's when I was on the QEII for a year and a half...I do love NY...such a cool place for musicians (and others!) Best regards, Alex +1
Januar 10 2019 18:11:01
Itocpogo My brother has a cabin in the Catskills as a 2nd home. David Gross is a Monster alto player. In the 1970's I studied with Lee Konitz who is 92 years old and still playing. Mr. Konitz was my introduction to the reality of the struggles making a living playing jazz. I figured he played and admired by Miles Davis and Charlie Parker so he was set financially... so far from it... Yes there is no scene, especially for Jazz being in NYC. I was born and lived there almost 40 years.. Lots of stories navigating the Jazz scene as a fan in NYC. Saw a your You tube videos, Fantastic playing!!!! Best Regards, Dan R +1
Hi Alex, what a great surprise! Your playing is once again extraordinary and I feel honored that you have dealt so with the music of my son, thank you so much for that! (I have sent the link to my son, he is in South America for half a year) He has already contacted and is enthusiastic!:)+1
Januar 09 2019 19:12:48
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Peter😀 it’s my pleasure. And it’s my birthday in April so if he wants to send me a track as a present I’ll take it😂😂😂 seriously though I love that template. It’s really very well done. It can go in so many directions. Please send Nicholas my regards☀️☀️☀️ +1
#155016 ;)
Maybe I was too much fluent yesterday and you did not see it in your newsfeed :)
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