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A great Baer drum track in 7/8 was the inspiration for this one. I really love the music of Philip Glass and I tried to incorporate that feel into the backing figures on Soprano (much circular breathing ensued) there's not much room at the Inn so to speak for anyone else but don't let that stop you....have fun with it. I did. Many thanks to Baer and to you for listening. Alex


Lenny Cowler
Now following your post. Great track!;)+1
well fab doesn't even cover it :)+1
Januar 09 2019 04:08:38
AlexNyman Very kind of you Shi. Much appreciated. +1
Magnificent, Alex!!!!! Fantastic section work and your Excellent tenor sax creativity!!!! Your playing is so Entertaining it is easy to take for granted your Incredible theme and arrangement!!+1
Januar 08 2019 19:39:11
AlexNyman Thanks Dan....when I release that first album I'm going to get you to write the liner notes<3 let me know when you are in NZ to meet up with you. +2
what a happy surprise to get that remix notification at work today, just had to listen in on you as I got home :)
Thanks so much for entering that dancefloor - I often feel my often cut&looped thingies lack some of the appeal I find in other drummers stuff, at the same time I hope someone can enjoy the monotonous flow one gets if the groove keeps going without fancy changes... it's a diffrent approach, and I'm happy thinking you had some fun with that.
Especially like the harsh re-entrance at 2:23 - that's about as mad as I get once my brain get's stuck in 7/8 again.
Long story, short message: Thanks once again... off to the set I go...
Januar 08 2019 19:48:50
AlexNyman Thanks Baer. There are many features of the drum track that I like...the break in between each 8 bars or so is like a good breath in between phrases. I love the flat dynamic as doesn't dictate the arrangement. The running 16th notes (the Soprano lines) in groups of 5 against the 7 really floats my boat....keep these tracks coming....maybe one in 11/8 or 13/8 would be nice to work with.... +1
Wow!! love it:Y+1
Really great - I like Philip Glass, too, and this has the same hypnotic, looping quality to it. Great work - really impressive.+1
Januar 08 2019 20:45:53
AlexNyman Thanks Dan...happy to know there's a fellow Glass fan out there. A good friend of mine (Andy Findon) is Philip's Saxophone/Flute player....I've seen photo's of blood on his Baritone sax reed after a Glass's that demanding:o +1
Januar 09 2019 12:26:01
DanDiplo That's amazing! I note you also share a surname with another famous film composer, too :) +1
Januar 09 2019 19:21:32
AlexNyman Yes Dan. Just the surname not the talent šŸ˜€ +1
My list does not stop getting fat with your jams Alex ... fantastic work! The BaerĀ“s beats are so cool and good :)+1
Januar 08 2019 07:37:45
AlexNyman Yes Baer is putting up some cool grooves. Iā€™d love to hear what you would come up with over the basic drum trackšŸ˜Ž +1
Januar 08 2019 07:43:37
GlezBass It occurs to me to do an extension of time with bass line and some surprise playing with his jam (cut and paste....)!! I understand that you can not stop playing with saxophone on this cool track, my equal with bass or other instruments! ;) +1
Januar 08 2019 07:44:54
AlexNyman If you put a bass line over my remix I would be delighted Mario.... +1
Januar 08 2019 07:48:00
GlezBass I have already doubled the duration on the beats with the Baer template (about 6 minutes in length ...), when we have time we will do something cool here! now it's time in my country to work to pay the bills !! we hear you friend! +1
Januar 08 2019 07:49:13
AlexNyman Have a great day Mario +1
Very good!+1
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