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Really like this oddly timed track, but it's certainly difficult to "fit". The track is dedicated to Mark (Fishinmisso) who is having a "procedure" today. He also likes these odd tracks, so this one is for him to cogitate on and do his own version after recovery .


Very nice thought Wade. I also think a lot about Mark. I also wish him a quick recovery.+2
Januar 21 2019 11:03:44
Andri I do not know exactly what happens to Mark, but I wish the best for him <3 +1
Januar 21 2019 19:29:47
Wade I'm not sure who or what he's told about this, so the best we can do is wish him well. Thanks Rob and Andri. +1
Just to let everyone know Mark's OK and in recovery mode. Yea!!!!+2
Splendid add. Finest sensations. <3+1
Januar 21 2019 19:31:28
Wade Thanks Andri. It's an odd one for sure! +1
very cool adventure you guys :)+1
Januar 21 2019 19:31:59
Wade Ha! You know me in wanting to go to all those odd musical places. +1
Your sax has an inimitable timbre that brings it closer to an analog synth for the color of the sounds. Your great skill in shaping the sound like you could make a pot with clay. A great listening Wade! Best wishes to Mark for a quick recovery!+1
Januar 21 2019 19:34:58
Wade Thanks so much Stef. I've got to admit to using a "box" with a pedal for the sound. Makes it easy to bring in and out that strange phased quality, but I try to accent it with slurs and different phrasing. Also thanks for your support for Mark. +1
Very Brian Eno like which is a huge compliment if you knew how much a I worship Eno. Sending good vibes to Mark.šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•+1
Januar 22 2019 19:34:00
Wade Thanks Tu. The good vibes worked, Mark's OK and in recovery.

All credit to WHITEPONGO for the composition and feel. I'm just trying to fit in.
well this is a very interesting and creative theatre of sound..I like the atmosphere.and what a play.......+1
Januar 22 2019 19:35:09
Wade Thanks so much Shi. All credit to WHITEPONGO for setting this up. +1
special atmosphere, great tune, sensational sax!+1
Januar 22 2019 19:35:49
CI Section
Wade Do you think some keys could fit in? Cheers! +1
Januar 22 2019 21:48:44
CI Section
CI Section can't promise, but should be worth a trial...:) +1
Just excellent Wade !!! Very very good !! :)+1
Januar 22 2019 19:36:41
Wade Nice and strange, like a lot of your tracks. Thanks franky. +1
Januar 22 2019 20:59:16
frankyguitar Most of the time, it's the crazy things that show me I'm still alive. Yeeha :D +1
Music for a Dreamscape...:)+1
Januar 23 2019 09:00:50
Wade Thanks Rick...yea, it's kind of "out there". +0
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