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love to hear some kind of drums and some other instruments to see what or if this kind of playing could become something It is playing free and no click and flitters a


Very thought provoking. Lots of twist and turns like in a good movie...:)+1
very cool ideašŸ‘šŸ˜Ž+1
Cool stuff! No "flitters a" effect?? :O+1
I think it's great, Jim!+1
Januar 28 2019 15:32:34
Leftdaloops1019 Well that's surely stretching it......If I had learned as a kid it might could be great...now just depending some Great musicians to flush it out!:D +1
Januar 28 2019 15:38:29
marocon I think the first half brought to mind a television show involving sad mimes, if that makes any sense. It has something of a childlike quality to it, and parts of it give off a lonely feel. Yes, it'll be interesting if someone adds to it to see what it might be. +1
Your creativity is working overtime!! You start with a basic theme of soft pounding chords with quiet cool improv lines in and around it and at 3:00 your soft pounding them becomes aggressively agitated with very Jazz cool improv lines as if your are searching frantically and your ending reminds me of coming to peace like Charlie Chaplin at the end of his movies turning his back and moving on down the trail. Bottom Line.... Incredibly Creative with nice piano playing, Jim!!!! Excellent!!!+1
Januar 28 2019 17:33:03
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Dan!!!!! See if you can lock in a a few parts --as much as you can or have the feeling for---If you wish! +1
Very interesting. Like it !:)+1
Januar 28 2019 19:25:09
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Papa! +1
Super Jim :-)+1
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