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¡Olé! :) So schön, Peter! :)+1
Februar 18 2019 00:06:51
Pewi caramba, das hat Spass gemacht:) +1
Februar 18 2019 00:08:04
Pewi gracias +0
You are singing your heart out!!!! Beautifully played, Peter!!!! You are Growing and Growing and your technique and tone continues to add to you emotive stylings to tell your story!! Love it, Peter!!! You ending on that gliss is INCREDIBLE!!!!!+1
Februar 18 2019 00:11:53
Pewi Thank you very much, my friend. At first I tried the tenor, but the soprano is easier for me to play, no idea why. Could it be that the dimensions are more like the flute? +1
Februar 18 2019 16:17:49
Itocpogo The reason I stopped playing clarinet and flute is because as a working adult in real life just playing on the side I could not practice as much as when I was a teenager and I noticed my tone suffered on all of hem because I was not devoting enough embouchure practice on all 3. So since I loved the tenor sax more and was also better to get paying gigs, I concentrated totally in tenor. But you are correct, tenor sax requires a huge control of breath and if you have that with flute it is easier to have that same breath control on soprano, Now, she musicians with little practice can get GREAT tone on all wind instruments!!! Just giving you my experience. But it was the best decision for me because I started to like hearing my tenor sax sound because I was totally in synch with my embouchure practice. +1
Februar 18 2019 16:26:33
Pewi Thank you Dan! I thought about playing the flute in the past. But to play in an R&B band with one flute:o:| Today I can say that I appreciate the possibility to play with as many instruments as possible. I don't earn my living with music, otherwise I would certainly have less fat on my ribs:):):D +0
yes love this sound you keep surprising my :Y+1
Februar 18 2019 00:12:08
Pewi Thank you so much for that:) +0
Awesome jam sounds super groovy ! great addition :)+1
Februar 18 2019 00:13:08
Pewi Thank you very much chris, I'm veryhappy that you like it! +0
Nice one :)+1
Februar 18 2019 12:56:39
Pewi thanks a lot:) +1
Great Peter! Really nice flow!Thanks!+1
Februar 18 2019 12:57:47
Pewi thank you very much, it was great fun and i hope that there will be other musicians to join in.:);) +1
Yeahhh!!!! Great!!!:W:W:D+1
Februar 18 2019 12:58:17
Lenny Cowler
Pewi Gracias:W +1
Great Peter!👍😁😆+1
Februar 18 2019 12:58:33
Pewi Thank you so much!:) +0
Großartiges add Peter!! Passt perfekt Dein gefühlvolles Spiel:) :)+1
Februar 18 2019 12:59:14
Pewi Vielen Dank Franky, freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt:):) +1
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