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picked up my guitar in the Special Tuning( I invented) and started playing and just hit the record button --- with absolutely no direction-responding to the tone and sound I was hearing--- just played ---the way I would at art openings ---when I would go play live(without my band) This piece does remind me of the violin/piano Stravinsky piece I devoured at an international competition---has always informed in the background--- my compositions---S O S


Beyond Cool!!! Very creative Jim!!!! Elegance that leaps into swirling variations!!! Excellent, Jim!!!+2
Terrific, like I'm drawn into a suction. Great Jim ! :W :D+1
Februar 19 2019 20:21:47
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Franky -- I thought it was terrific too.....had it in the private band section and no one even listened to it! So to Gen Pop we go! but that is the S O S +1
Magnetically Mesmerizing:o+1
Februar 19 2019 20:52:01
Hey Jim very interesting piece+1
Very cool track sir+1
Februar 20 2019 17:04:11
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Frank!:D +0
Great creativity and musical vision Jim! :)+1
Februar 20 2019 19:15:09
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Stef! Just an expression of all I sucked in as a music lover and the freedom that focus brings, and going with the flow as well of years of playing. Thanks for the listen! +1
This sound fascinates me! !+1
Februar 20 2019 19:36:40
Leftdaloops1019 Then please add to FrankieJ's add and I think it could really become something! Thanks Peter! +1
I see you're looking for Jane Bonham. <3+1
Februar 23 2019 00:19:56
Mika Tohve
Leftdaloops1019 Yes Ma'am!:D +1
Februar 23 2019 00:24:53
Mika Tohve
Leftdaloops1019 Please pound at will! +1
März 01 2019 03:38:11
Mika Tohve
Leftdaloops1019 Jane where oh where is Jane? +0
Should have compimented yu a lot more often Jim forgive me for not getting around to it as much as I should.... You are a very cool artist my friend:W+1
März 06 2019 16:58:38
Leftdaloops1019 Peter.....No worries!!!! This one turned out pretty good!:):D:Y +1
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