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A superb track from these three. My add was quite some time ago, big pile up of tracks not making it back to the site. Help... I hate editing!


There are two ways to play a song. To play it in an unexceptionable manner technically but without communicating anything, without a soul or playing it expressively and at the same time with technique. This is the hardest thing and it's a long way to go. A road without end ... You Wade play according to this second perspective and this is what I love about your musical spirit. Technique at the service of the heart, never the opposite. I find all this here listening to your melancholic phrasing perfectly immersed in the mood of the song.+4
April 10 2019 21:15:48
Wade This is probably the best compliment I've ever had. It's at the core of how I try to play. No point in just doodling. I'm still trying to become more succinct in communicating feelings and developing melodic lines. So kind of you to give such warm encouragement. +1
Beautiful Wade,what Stef said, is so true,Always a pleasure to listen to you.<3+2
April 10 2019 21:17:02
Wade Thanks so much. That was beautiful what Stef said. +1
Chapeau - excellent contribution to this great track!+2
April 10 2019 21:20:25
CI Section
Wade So good of you to give a listen and comment. Thanks! +0
got to be big thumbs from me, lovely sounds :)+2
April 10 2019 21:21:02
Wade Thanks Shi. Means a lot to me that you'd take time and give a listen. +0
Sublime !!!+2
April 10 2019 21:21:43
Wade Cheers Rob. I've got more than a few of yours waiting to be edited. +0

Super jam! Super floating atmosphere
April 10 2019 21:22:18
Wade Cheers magirtiko! I do float some and jet some. +1
Ohhh !!! Fantastic play and mood Wade ! Thx so much for this jam <3+2
April 10 2019 21:24:51
Wade All due to your fantastic template and the others who have helped mold the beautiful web you've spun. +1
Wonderful, Wade - like always :)+1
April 10 2019 21:12:48
Wade I wish everything I did was "wonderful". Am in the process of dumping dozens of tracks not worth editing. Glad you like the ones that might be worth sharing. +1
Very Nice; Enjoyed. :)+1
April 10 2019 21:16:29
Wade Thanks so much Telemetry! I try to sing through my instrument...and maybe sound like you? +0
April 10 2019 21:17:15
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. +1
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