I Can't Feel it ...

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Nice track from Frankie, titi and Vinz ... added some fretless ATK low end (been a year or more since I played this thing :O) ... thanks for the great playing and fun jam guys! :D:W


Icing upon the cake!! thanks Ernie<3
The ATK is lovely.
Juli 01 2019 15:44:02
Ernie440 Glad you like Frankie, thanks man, great play and template from U! ;) +1
Hello Ernie,
thanks for this smooth bass part !
Juli 01 2019 15:43:37
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Vinz .. cool to see you back posting your excellent drums again! :W +1
That's such a wonderful tune guys!! Excellent bass add Ernie !! :)+1
Juli 01 2019 00:03:39
Ernie440 heya Franky, thanks good buddy!! :):D +1
suoer bass add Ernie! sounds almost fretless in some parts...slides...real nice..great playing by all..nice tune..:)+1
Juli 01 2019 00:03:05
Major 3rd
Ernie440 Thanks buddy!! It is a fretless .. haha I play it like a regular bass .. it's my ATK fretless with light flatwounds .. so it doesn't have a lot of growl like you'd get from roundwounds. Something to do on a rainy Sunday B):D +2
Juli 01 2019 03:49:17
Major 3rd
Major 3rd I wrote "almost fretless" LOL let us revise that comment! Great fretless bass add brotha! haha:D +1
Juli 01 2019 18:02:53
Major 3rd
Ernie440 no problem amigo!! LOL You're a lot like Joe Biden in that respect .. can't form sentences!! J/K good bud! :D +0
Just what I needed on this lazy Sunday. Enjoyed!:)+1
Juli 01 2019 02:22:25
Ernie440 Glad you liked it Rick! Thank U! :) +0
oh man so good. like honey slowly flowing from a lonely tree in a a field. lying on your back head against the tree seeing the bees and hive above you . you slowly taste the honey dripping and all it's golden goodness. :)too much?:o great tunešŸ‘+1
Juli 01 2019 02:22:10
Ernie440 LOL .. nice imagery man!! :D Thanks Mike!! :):) +1
Beautiful Ernie,love your fretless sound and play.I got an Atk 700 with a Music Man three coils pickups and love this bass.<3<3<3+1
Juli 01 2019 15:48:48
Ernie440 Appreciate the nice comment Marc, thanks!! A 700! Nice, they are sort of rare compared to the regular 300 series I play. I think my fretless 300 is a bit rare .. you don't see them a lot .. it's the one on the right with the rosewood board and inlaid line markers.
Juli 01 2019 22:22:18
khangurumc Beautiful duo Ernie ,they seem to be made in Japan.I don't have a picture of my 700 ,it's made in Korea.:W +1
Juli 01 2019 23:02:23
Ernie440 Thanks Mark, these two are made in the 90's in Korea too, very solid heavy basses as you know ... wide neck with a fairly flat radius ... a lot different than my jazz bass. I play the fretted one all the time, not because it's super easy to play, but it's just so solid and dependable and can take getting dropped even .. lol. +0
Juli 02 2019 21:14:06
khangurumc yes they are build solid and on the heavy side.I love to string the G string on top load and the others string through.:) +1
Juli 02 2019 21:31:27
Ernie440 Interesting! Why not the G through the body? B) +0
Juli 06 2019 03:06:01
khangurumc It's less stiff :) +1
Juli 06 2019 03:43:22
Ernie440 right! makes sense .. I've never strung them through the body, so I was wondering. +1
Juli 06 2019 03:47:41
khangurumc Yes for the fretless you never strung through.I think ... +0
spectacular bass bro, it's great as it sounds, it shines a lot as it is marking, fantastic ernie:W+1
Juli 01 2019 15:44:28
Ernie440 Gracias my good amigo Julio! ! :D +0
Juli 01 2019 15:44:41
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 Thanks a lot my friend Len :) +1
Thank you Ernie for your superb bass line and great mix <3+1
Juli 01 2019 15:43:04
Ernie440 Thanks, great to jam with you guys titi!! :):) +1
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