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It's easy to say "hope you had fun" or some other non compliment. Instead I think you deserve an real response. There are aspects of this that are spot on. You're hearing the right bass lines in the melodic parts with fine harmonies. There is a tendency to rush the beat a bit and make those anticipatory lines busy (play less and make it mean more). The breaks like at 1:26, 2:27 (etc.) you've completely missed the harmonic content. If you don't hear it maybe best to not play it?

I've heard you play some great stuff, but this simple sounding track requires a bit more listening and a simpler approach to work.

An aside: if you like a track enough to want to play on it, it's a courtesy to at least give the person who composed the template a thumb.
Juli 18 2019 18:54:57
KaiPlan Hello Wade. Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry that you did not like my bass playing. You're right, much of me is not optimal. I try to make it as good as possible. If I had time all day to make music only, that would be better, but that's not possible. In the evening, I often play many bars at a time and also do no post-processing. Of course, if I were in the sound studio, I would do it differently. The best will also be, if in the future I will not play together with you anymore. I do not want to annoy you or make your ears sick. I apologize again for my musical inability. Best regards ... +0
Juli 18 2019 23:50:52
Wade I had hoped that you would take the criticism as positive and a challenge. If you know that there are many mistakes and you can do a lot better why do you post? I also know that you can do better, that's why I bothered to give you the feedback. We all have limitations and I'd never criticize a beginner for trying and doing their best. You're not a beginner, but for some reason post tracks where you haven't done your best. Is that a good idea? This is a positive challenge. We both know that you can and should do better. Every track we post is a piece of us that is here PERMANENTLY. This is your legacy. Will it be a collection of tracks where you didn't take the time to get it right?

Ask yourself if its better to post nothing or to post a track that you know isn't good.
Juli 19 2019 03:01:07
KaiPlan I really appreciate advice and costly criticism instead of teachings. It would be a pity if I can post anything that may not be 100% perfect. It's my hobby and I thought it's ok for wikiloops if I just jamme here or publish my musical waystations without cd-quality claim. I can always work and improve in one piece, but I can, but that's not my thing. That's why I love jazz more than classical music; Your Sax and I will give more thumbs from now on. That I promise, but unfortunately, to my shame not that I post no more wrong notes ... +2
Juli 19 2019 09:17:33
Wade We all hit wrong notes. Lots from me too. None of us is perfect, yet we also know if we have given a good effort and it's the best we can do considering our abilities. It's a matter of having our own standards and not having to apologize. We are performing for others and asking them to listen to us. It's a matter of respect for those others and ourselves. We can jam all we want for our own exercise without posting anything. Posting what we do is performance for others.

You obviously appreciate the performance of others and I'm sure would like to have people wanting to listen to everything you post. If your standard of quality isn't consistent then you may find that others stop listening. I've heard you do some very good plays. How many not so good plays are there in between?

It's a compliment to me and others when anyone decides to add to one of our tracks. What's added can be wonderful or a disappointment. I always hope to be delighted and surprised. What should we say when disappointed?

The challenge is still there for you to rise to what you are capable of and play to the best of your ability. Why would anyone want to post something they are not proud of?
Juli 19 2019 10:10:14
TeeGee Hey guys, let me note my take on this and hopefully, this will end this discussion:

Although it nice if you can upload a piece as perfectly as possible, spending hours and hours listening, understanding and working on it, it is NOT a requirement!!

It is also NOT a requirement to press "likes", reply to comments or any other of the possible interactions - however it is nice and cool to show appreciation, for sure.

It is perfectly OK for someone to upload what seems to some a totally inadequate and superficial track, as long as he feels like he had fun and wanted to do it. No need to justify it, explain it or apologize for it at all. You can if you want, but NoT a requirement.

And to close this discussion: It is ok to politely critique tracks at Wikiloops, I personally like when I get pointers and helpful and positive information on my tracks - we all know I do need them - but there is absolutely no need to go on and on about it, or make someone feel bad or embarrassed about their uploads past or future.

"Ask yourself if it's better to comment nothing rather than to post a comment that you know is going to make someone feel uncomfortable."

If anyone feels the need to keep going on and on in this discussion, please continue this in private with me, Wade or Kai.
Master Kai! Again terrific! <3<3+1
Your approach creates a nice flowing jazz vibe! Other bass adds approach it differently with a slower flow, also very good!!! But your playing is also very creative!! The more I listen to your version the more I appreciate your intricate lines and tempo changes.+1
Juli 18 2019 18:58:39
KaiPlan Thank you for your praise and the kind comment :D +0
Kai I spent some time here this morning, all the while listening to it. There is something about upright and fretless bass that makes it so cool... I just love the sound and the feel!+0
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