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Title: Jam On Malfuf ... Hello Wikiloopers, You will find a link to get a Phrygian (sim) D notes illustration ... / (Here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mVEMUYEkPggoK6EV9 ) You can download to your workstation, ''Left click to zoom in + right click to download'' / You can also open a new tab and paste the link ... @ +, Ray :):Y:W


WOW..... Incredibly Sure Composition.. so Beautiful!!! You take us on a Magical journey!!!! As usual you guitar playing is 1st rate!!! Excellent production!!!!! So good, Ray!!!+2
August 01 2019 18:33:50
StJray Tkanks a lot my friend!:D:W +0
this makes me want to dance :) lovely work Ray :)+2
August 01 2019 20:05:54
StJray I too have trouble listening without moving my shoulders :Y:D
Thank you very much Shi :)
Has a distinct vibe that is somewhat Bollywood, but more direct (less singing and dancing?). Like it!+2
August 02 2019 00:56:45
StJray Thanks a lot Wade :D
That way without thinking ... I might have to think ... But hey it's like that for now ... And we can have fun to 'jam' using the note card ...
August 02 2019 02:43:50
Wade The mathematics/charts are out there for anybody. It how it's used that matters. +2
August 02 2019 03:10:35
StJray ... if I knew ... I would use this kind of stuff to move forward ... Thank you for confirming that I'm not doing this for myself ... But for other friends Wikiloopers ... who soon will tell me the way to go ... :) +1
August 02 2019 03:38:37
Wade Follow your musical instincts. You've continually made lovely templates that are very much enjoyed. It's possible to use mathematics and "theory" and come up with perfect music that communicates nothing. Be human, the charts and formulas are for those who have no talent or imagination (IMHO), or if you're stuck and just want a starting point. +2
August 02 2019 05:25:15
StJray Sorry Wade, but your opignion here is not quite mine ... tables and formulas are for those who are curious to discover ... It's just like learning another language ...
If I share 'theoretical' information, it is simply to help others reduce learning time and thus help them move faster than I did. .. it's just to help them have fun playing faster ... It's up to them to see, ... :)
Thanks anyway for giving your point of view,:W Ray
August 02 2019 05:43:07
Wade Nice of you to consider others and give them starting points. As you say, I come from a different perspective in which I'd encourage anyone adding to listen to the track and then first SING what they thought would work. That plugs directly into that person's unique voice. Maybe it's just a problem with sax players? I've see too many who think they are improvising when all they do is play chord tones riffs and arpeggios that may fit the chordal structure, but say nothing.

Your templates are very good and deserve creative responses.
August 02 2019 05:53:18
StJray Here it is 23: 50h and as I have a golf game planned tomorrow morning at 9am, I have to go to sleep ...:W
See you soon,
August 02 2019 08:45:59
Wade Smiles...and have a great play day tomorrow! +0
Good one ! I wanna play too :D+2
Awesome :|+1
August 01 2019 18:37:38
StJray Thank you Andri, :)
Jam for fun:D:Y:W
Beautiful Ray<3+1
August 01 2019 18:36:05
StJray Thanks, Fun for all! :D:W +0
So beautiful! Compliments Ray! :)+1
August 01 2019 18:35:04
StJray Thank you very much Stef! :D:W +1
Excellent jam! :)+1
August 01 2019 18:34:20
StJray Thank you Mario :):Y:W +1
Very fun Ray!+1
August 01 2019 19:54:06
StJray Thanks WB!:D:Y:W +1
Special as always from you Ray, I hope not to tread on this beauty forgive me my friend<3+1
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