King Turtle Bop

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Love your ideas and sound. <3 Always a joy to listen to your tracks. :)+1
Oktober 15 2019 20:37:57
ericblom Thank you so much Mark. It is very nice and comfortable to play with a steady and funky backbone:Y<3 +1
I like you both together! :):o+1
Oktober 16 2019 08:37:27
ericblom :) +0
Lenny Cowler
I Love your playing, Eric!!!! You are so Creative and have that Jazz "vibe", always!!!!!! Here, you are Bopping with creative "flurries", "modulating 16th note phrases...and so much more!! Love your 3:07 transition to funky in time play to WD!!! Excellent, Eric!!!+0
Oktober 15 2019 20:39:39
ericblom thanks so much my friend! I realy was in a funky mood! +0
When listening to music, I do not see any pictures or stories. But I love, great, well spiced tone sequences. Here I get it. Great Eric!+0
Oktober 15 2019 21:07:10
ericblom Thanks so much Rene, this spicy meal is for you:).
Maybe you mean that my descriptions are normely very poor; you are totaly right.This is especially the case if you have just played music and want to share it. It is then perhaps the excitement or the stormy creative process in which I am still sitting that prevent me from formulating words with which I explain what has happened. That is certainly not a quality of mine. Sometimes I am embarrassed when I see and read how others (including you) can express themselves well and catch analyzes in words. My dreamy wish is always to be physically together and to express myself in non-verbal language and to be able to express my appreciation. In any case .... now that I am on the move .. I really appreciate all the nice comments from you and all other nice friends here. ... hahaha .... If I do my best I get some words. (and always hope that the intention will come across well throughout the translation machine)
Oktober 16 2019 18:45:56
abuitremorem Thanks Eric. You're talking about a topic that still concerns me today: what is a good comment or a good description? At first I could just write "cool". I did not have the words and the ideas to describe something. Dan (Itocpogo) always wrote me so nice comments that I felt like I needed to write something more, too. I then considered and considered and .... until I found something. But that's how I learned something. I improvise with words, even if I lack the right background and go only from me +0
Oktober 23 2019 20:22:00
ericblom thanks for your response and your openness Rene. I appreciate that. "Improvising with words" that sounds very nice! +1
a fantastic playing Eric...;););)+0
Oktober 15 2019 20:51:09
ericblom thank you! Nils. Always nice to read your compliments<3 +1
Very cool Eric !! Some reminds me a bit on Isao Suzuki :W+0
November 04 2019 17:02:09
ericblom Thanks so much Frank. Just checked this man out; he is fabulous!! +1
November 04 2019 17:33:13
frankyguitar Yes, in the 70ā€˜ they had a lot of fantastic Japanese Jazz musicians. They appeared on the TBM label. You can trust me, that was the best record company of the whole world. Nobody reached this quality in recording and the quality of the vinyls, till today!!! Fortunately I have some original records, that sound is amazing!!! I enjoy the listen every time I put one on my record player:) +1
November 08 2019 20:20:06
ericblom Nice story Frank, thanks for the info. I also prefer vinyl +0
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