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My naughty dog has eaten the Cubase Dongle. Shame on you!!


It was the doggy on the left who did it. I purchased a newer Cubase version (10 artist) . I'm a happy man again.

Januar 28 2020 00:00:47
deezee Beautiful doggies.<3<3 Aww bet you can't be mad at him for long:D +0
Januar 28 2020 01:09:06
kmoon235 Looks totally innocent to me:D +0
There goes my morning :)<3+1
Dezember 16 2019 02:40:40
Blueberry I call it meaningful daily activities. +1
Hah, best track description I've read in a while! Love the keys, very mellow and very nice use of stereo field to give them a wide feel.+1
Dezember 16 2019 02:38:14
Blueberry Think doggy didn't like my music. Glad you can appreciate it. +0
Good one!!!+1
Dezember 16 2019 02:33:11
Blueberry Thanks Wade. +1
Dezember 17 2019 00:29:40
Lenny Cowler
Blueberry Thanks Lenny. I appreceate:) +1
Excellent, it`s really great. Very nice mellow sound :) :W
Maybe to less dog bark in your music :D :D
Dezember 17 2019 00:28:30
Blueberry Thanks Franky for your sincere response about the lack of dog bark in my songs. First of all i'm not a musician but i just like to puzzle chord progressions. The failure i often make is i want everything to be harmonized and then the puzzle is complete for me. I think the challenge for me in 2020 is to go use more simple chords with barking and bite sounds. Let's start to pick up and play the play guitar again in stead off using that heavenly sounding piano. +1
Dezember 17 2019 07:43:38
frankyguitar Blue, my friend, I personally like your harmony sequences very much and although it is often not so in what I usually do, I have nothing at all against harmonic, soft sounds, quite the opposite.
But you should have a serious word with the dongle-eating dog, it doesn't work that way. :D And making music with dog barking only for his sake is probably unsatisfactory for you in the long run... :D Cheers and have a nice day :W
Dezember 18 2019 15:53:41
Blueberry Franky I'm actually glad he ate my dongle. I still had a very old version of Cubase and now I have the most recent one. I love my doggys above the music that I occasionally try to make. I can't get mad at them. Cheers +0
My compliments - you can design and do it the way you want. I admire that very much. I keep playing to your music, but somehow I haven't found the key yet. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas - now from Poland :)+1
Dezember 18 2019 00:37:15
Blueberry Let's get closer together in 2020. Me as clown of chords and you as an innovative guitarplayer. Maybe we can create a new christmas evergreen in stead of "last chrismas i gave you my heart" Feliz navidad René. +1
Dezember 18 2019 02:48:46
abuitremorem Evert, I am very happy with your words! We play more together. I am looking for a suitable tone and will also continue my education in music theory on paper. +0
harmonic song <3+1
Januar 27 2020 04:44:36
Blueberry Thanks Akchen.Sorry for the late response. I'm a working man. Don't always have time. +1
Januar 27 2020 09:30:35
AKchen same with me, don´t worry ;) <3 +0
Fantastic keys my friend!!:D:)+1
Januar 28 2020 20:43:46
Blueberry Thanks deezee i appreciate<3 +0
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