Walking Down

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Testing my voice after 3 weeks of bronchitis that made me (almost) quit smoking, this Ray’s track seemed to be the perfect fit for this. One cigarette a day until my tobaco pouch is empty is the challenge for 2020 ! Welcome everybody on this track, please erase my solo elucubrations and play your own if you wish ! Happy new year to you loopers from all around the earth :)
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Awesome! Your voice sounds amazing - maybe a little more "smokey" (pun intended) but still a great vocal performance.+3
My wonderful 'Charlotte' ... is it inappropriate to say that you have the gift of warming my heart?<3
Anyway, I needed it ... and then here is this magnificent creation from you which pleasantly begins my new year 2020 in terms of musical sharing here on Wikiloops ...:)

Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent talent with us,:W
Always a special treat to hear you (and with Ray too:)) Good luck with quiting smokes (dont Vape either!)
Happy New Year Charlotte:)
Fantastic Charlotte! The bronchitis has givin you even more soulfulness in your singing it seems. ;) Heal up and best of luck quitting. :W:D:W+2
So nice, Charlotte, wow... :)+2
<3 <3 With a guitar from RAY, your voice and your lyrics, it could only be great (I click on thumb up before listening :D)+2
A great anthem for those long married. Classy and sassy...that's you! Your wonderful voice is whispering life's secrets to us.+2
Ohhh yeah, so nice and groovy! J'ai essayé de travailler sur celle-là mais j'étais en panne d'inspiration, trop contente de découvrir cette version, ça fait plaisir à entendre :Y+2
Januar 15 2020 22:27:07
marmotte Je serais curieuse de t'entendre, c'est toujours rigolo comme une piste peut changer de couleur en fonction du vocal. +1
Great <3+1
What a beautiful voice full of Blues shades!! :)+1
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