A Nice Slow Death

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Light and dark, life and death - each throws shade on the other. In the penumbra between the two I follow. This is another slow, repetitive track (I like to think mantra) with a post-rock kinda vibe. Dive in!


I must admit my American English failed me....I had to look up "Penumbra":o....or I am just dumb:|:(:P
Either way..very cool track and music Dan:D
I love this dark, slow, moody, textured music:W
März 03 2020 21:48:37
DanDiplo Hah, no, you're not dumb - it's not a common word :) I only know it cos I did my degree in English lit and studied a lot of poetry! +3
März 06 2020 11:56:17
Caroljoyce « La pénombre » is a French word too. It means a moment like twilight is.
We also can say in French « entre chien et loup ».
« La pénombre » is like a light with dark shadows where your eye can’t see all details....
Lovely description and track. Rod Serling called it "The Twilight Zone" and this could have been theme music for the series.+3
Like life itself, dear friend. Great composition full of feelings and colors. Good work.+1
Beautiful soundscape Dan!!<3<3<3+1
really nice - it sets a very distinctive mood :)+1
Oh I do like moody music! <3:D<3+1
Beutiful Daniel!!! <3<3+1
Those studies stand you in good stead your music like poetry, is full of the expression of feelings and ideas and given intensity by the use of your distinctive style and rhythms<3 so beautiful Dan....wished I had played drums on some of your art my friend:W:)+1
März 04 2020 17:30:26
DanDiplo I really must remember to do some tracks without drums! The trouble is, rhythm is always so integral to me, so I find it hard not to use them. +2
:D fantastic Dan,amigo :W+1
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