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Franky & Ron I hope you will forgive me friends, as I tried ballad style, as it should be...but I just wasnt good enough to master the tempo...after playing around I tried different ideas and somehow kinda got hooked on this Afro Samba...anyhow I think all our (fore)fathers originated in Africa, so maybe it sits ok with the title if not the actual music....clearly the tablets are no longer working, so I'm now getting back into my white jacket, the ...


Maybe you're entering a different phase as a drummer? Are you the "different drummer" that we should be marching to? This is intriguing stuff and certainly has validity.+3
März 06 2020 21:51:26
PJE So kind of you these wonderful words Wade thank you +1
:D even if I didn’t like your drumming (I love your drumming) I’d like this track just for the description 🤣🤣🤣 I really like your take on this and I can see how it could be a ballad style but once again you’ve added a real drive and energy that it otherwise might have lacked. Love it ❤️+2
März 04 2020 20:32:26
PJE Thanks so much Alex that’s areal valued heartfelt compliment coming from you, made my day<3:D:) +2
Peter :o At first I was like what in the world is going on here:|....but...and I mean a Big BUT....it began to click with me, quickly. Somewhere in here is a real brilliance on your part with the drumming. This is a high compliment<3
The drums are up front in the mix..if you sit back and focus on the African influences of the drums, the beat, the rhythm, it opens the mind.... then this slower paced music in the background flows in. That is how I describe this. It is somehow new and different.
I live by a saying about music (and many things in life)..."That which is easily accepted is easily dismissed"
Thank you for taking this on, I know when I do tracks that are just my guitar with no click track my timing is not the best...I keep trying to improve.
März 05 2020 01:37:34
PJE Ron thank you for the best of compliments <3I’m so very happy and pleased to read your beautiful words......you have put much better than I could and it’s cool that you get where I was coming from, your wonderful special music inspired it. You my friend are very special musically and we are all trying to improve I love the emotion you are able to bring across and it’s always truly joyful to jam with you and franky. Thank you for this special privilege, :W:D:) +2
Dear Peter, I have been listening to it for about 30 minutes straight. You're drumming like your life depends on it. It is, at first, quite unusual and you have to get involved to get access. And the more I hear it now the more I love it! Your thoughts, from your description, put me on the right track to understand. It is like the meeting of generations or Orient and Occident. A unique mixture that connects everything with each other and the true charm of a thing, or even the music. I thank you from my heart for this wonderful insight and music. <3+2
März 05 2020 13:44:31
PJE Dear franky my very special friend, how wonderful, you have defined it totally so beautifully:D...it means so much to me that you, Ron and I are all together on this and I have had such a challenge and joy to join you...to me are a very unique musician and your humanity always shines bright and that is what I love most about you, thank you for the true priviolege of sharing music with you always<3 +2
März 05 2020 15:06:23
frankyguitar Thank you very much for your warm words Peter. I'm just a guy who resents injustice and lack of freedom. And there is far too much of that in the world. You, Ron and I seem to have the same view of the world and that brings us together again and again. Thank you very much again for playing with us my friend. :) <3 +2
März 05 2020 15:22:00
PJE :)<3 +2
März 05 2020 15:32:21
mortheol Frank, you are 100% correct in your review of Peter's drumming here.
At first it sets you back....but then like a "Snake Charmer" you are hypnotized. There was a true method to Peter's madness...and we all got it!!! Which means we are all Mad and Crazy:o:D<3
März 05 2020 15:38:55
mortheol Peter, I can tell you Frank is really one of the nicest people I know<3
I have had the privilege to stay with him and his family in Germany, gratiously opening his home to me. Never in my life would I have imagined I would make such a friend on the other side of the big pond. This is the real beauty of Wikiloops... more than the music, but these friendships;)
März 06 2020 08:09:35
PJE How true and Beautiful these words about friendship Ron it puts all the other nonsense in the world into perspective and lm so glad you guys are my musical friends<3:) +1
a super cool drumming Peter.;)+1
You found the perfect underlying groove for this Peter-that approach you took sounds awesome my friend:W<3:W
we need to be brave and experiment, try to turn things around, for me it works my friend+1
März 06 2020 21:49:56
PJE Jussef mi grande amigo, how much i miss you in this place......for me bass players are special and you maestro, are extra special.....and because of our musical and special conversations and your wonderful friendship that means a lot me....hope to hear you soon:W
Btw if you haven’t yet.... listen to/maybe jam with Alex Nyman on here the guy is special fabulous and in your league
Thank you and See you soon my friend<3
I understand that. I often download but never find a groove and give up. I think what you did here fits very well :D kudos+0
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