It’s Never Tea Tee

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Here’s a fabulous track by 2 of my favourite players. Some mention was made of Weather Report and it made me think about something along those lines. I used Soprano and Tenor saxophones with various effects as you will hear. I’ve left a lot of solo/ensemble space for anyone willing to jump in.....I also included a quote from a Wayne Shorter number....can you guess what it is? And there’s a bit of circular breathing towards the end for good measure. ...


März 26 2020 07:04:01
AlexNyman Thanks Chris. Wishing you and your family the best of health:W +0
No matter the reference you hint to your tracks are always played with good taste and great musicianship ! narrative, arrangements, flow and balance are always top notch ! thanks for sharing your music :)+2
März 26 2020 07:57:47
AlexNyman Thank you OliV. Really appreciate the compliment:W +1
Alex you never stop surprising me !! This work is exceptional (the usual thing in your play ...) for the narrative of the construction and its musical references ... The long shadow of the Weather Report is here. I love the harmonic and melodic line, and especially the selection of sounds on your sax. I have heard it several times and I love them all !! Thank you for this contribution, because playing with 2 or 3 notes of the groove of the bass you have obtained first-class musical "oil". <3+2
März 26 2020 12:01:54
AlexNyman Beautifully expressed Mario and I thank you for it and the track that once again brings us together across the seas😀 +1
Wow! when I discover a track by Marcus Mario - Mark Cobham - Alex Shorter, I'm sure there will be WR in the air ... thanks for being there guys; Well done and be well :W;)+2
März 26 2020 12:19:28
AlexNyman Very kind JP once more. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it:W +0
Fantastic Alex <3;):Y+1
März 26 2020 07:03:29
AlexNyman Cheers Charli. Hope you are well.. +1
Hooo, yeah !! Awesome track, fantastic add Alex!!
Great jazz-fusion!! Love this kind of music :D <3
BTW. great offer you did Alex :D :W :D
März 26 2020 07:11:07
AlexNyman So glad you like it Franky. Thank you:W +1
Great job good Alex fabulous<3+1
März 26 2020 07:58:32
AlexNyman Hopefully room for you Jhon? Left on purpose of course:W +1
März 26 2020 08:13:30
jhonrobert thank you Alex I will have to listen carefully where to insert myself ....:W<3 +1
I like the Kenneth G flourish at the end (mwah ha ha)

The whole thing is a treat
März 26 2020 12:04:27
AlexNyman I was dubious about anyone getting the Wayne Shorter tune quote (although I guess it is in the title) but spotting the G’ster lick at the end is a stroke of pure wonder Ivan:D +1
März 26 2020 12:19:02
Ivanovitch I'll have to come clean: it was a lucky guess

The circular breathing was the monster clue; that and the sop; that and the wig of lustrous curly locks you HAVE to have worn to sound that way
März 26 2020 12:21:42
AlexNyman Damn. Soprano-tick. Circular breathing-tick Lustrous curly wig-tick. Do you do readings😂😂😂? +1
März 26 2020 12:25:23
Ivanovitch Indeed I do

I read nefertitea leaves

Boom boom
März 26 2020 12:56:21
AlexNyman :W:D:D book me in Basil. +1
Impressive intro going in and out on the main tune and very nice connection to the second one. I really loved it, Alex.+1
März 26 2020 11:59:41
AlexNyman Hey Andri👍 Thank you :W +0
Nefertiti (The beautiful Woman has Come) and this playing is as absolutely beautiful as she reputedly was<3:)+1
März 26 2020 11:58:58
AlexNyman 😃 well done. And thank you Peter:W +1
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