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First recording with the new toy. Had to do some work on it in attempt to get it to play easier. Adjusted truss rod and sanded the saddle. Came to the conclusion by the end of the track that it needs more work. Still hard to play even on a slow number. Thinking a lighter guage string will do the trick. Has .012's on it now. HD is just the guitar. Thanks for listening.


:W Beautiful. Like the tone of your new toy. Vocals would be nice on this. :D+2
is it a piezo take ? cool to hear your new baby playing :)+2
April 03 2020 08:43:06
FrankieJ I had to look it up hehe:D Bought it on a whim.
Specs says pickup Ibanez Undersaddle and preamp is Ibanez AEQ-2T.
I love the sound of it but string height was terrible out of the box.
Very good sound. I bought a Taylor and had to do the same job you are now doing.
Very nice song my friend. :)
I'm going to work. I would have stayed at home with pleasure to play with you and your new guitar :@+2
April 03 2020 12:20:20
FrankieJ I am patient :) +1
For my ears the guitar sound very good... but... the guitars don't sound alone, the play is excellent !!!+1
Wonderful Template FrankieJ ;) great job <3+1
beautiful Frankie!<3+1
:) nice !+1
Beautiful Frankie,sometimes strings from manufacturers are more stiff,for bass it's always been my experience.Sound good <3+1
Very Beautiful playing, Frankie!!!!+1
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