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Hey Loops, great to be uploading something here again. This is the audio from a video I did just so I could make a joke about playing with myself... The video is here: After posting it, a few loopers asked me to put it here, so here it is. This is a 2:3 clave played on a jam block with the cascara pattern played on the snare drum with the snares off. Plus a shaker and a tumbao pattern on ...
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April 17 2020 18:12:31
kimbo wtf? +0
Yesss finally :) awsome latin feel ! whether it's playing with yourself or not is not relevant hehe what's really important is the way you're inviting others to play along ;) welcome back on track my friend !+3
April 17 2020 08:36:54
mpointon I might do another kit take with less frenetic and random playing which is more musically usable! +2
April 17 2020 08:57:51
OliVBee please proceed :D +1
Thanks to post this template.
Very good playing
I Really like it :)
Thanks for this fantastic template Martin <3 :W :Y+2
Cool beat, cool drumming and cool video Martin! it is a pleasure to see you in action playing on the drums with that sense of humor and mastery on the drums !!+2
This is well above my pay grade, but I might have a lash. If nothing else, it's a good use of valuable lockdown time.:D+2
Loving the shaker! The drum mix is like your 2016 years when your mix was unbeatable before you moved.Listening on KRK Rockit 5 monitors.Big , clear and round kit.Very balanced. Snare sounds awesome, full and the resonances come thru as well as toms. The kick maybe a tweak more fullness to punch the chest.... maybe just a tad more "snap" (actually the kick sounds perfect and more thump on the facebook video).not much adjustment to get there. Great drum mix.Dont mind me Im a drum mix freak.+2
April 17 2020 17:50:49
mpointon Well spotted and thank you! I'm actually in the same room from 2015, albeit without all those books on the wall any more!

Duly noted on the kick. I thought it was a bit weak too but that's due to bleed from the other mics rather than the EQ. I need to solve it without too much gating.
April 17 2020 17:58:32
LittleWing Compare to the youtube video. It may be an upload bit thingy as the facebook vid you hear a huge difference. May be a compression thing. Sounds great! +1
April 17 2020 18:14:12
mpointon Yes, I could hear the 'low bitrate warble' on the video :( Can't do anything about that, annoyingly. +0
Great drums & percs very accomplished and creative Martin+1
finally...he's back!.... and like oli said... please proceed.+0
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