Climbing Down The Walls

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It's been a while, hasn't it? I've just not really been feeling too creative. Ironic in these times. Anyway, this is a very simple concept. A looping pattern that evolves and builds layer by layer. There's no real melody, it's more about the sound and atmosphere, even though it's not exactly ambient. I'm hoping a little bit hypnotic, maybe?


I don't think it's ironic. Lots of us are very concerned about now and the future. Surely impacts creativity.:| Nice one.<3+2
Mai 18 2020 16:49:20
DanDiplo Yeah, i guess it was just ironic in the fact that it seems the perfect time to create music, but if the soul ain't willing... But thanks :) +1
Dan I have noticed your absence....I got so excited to see you uploaded a new track I almost splilled my tea! Please stay with the music <3<3<3<3<3<3+2
Mai 18 2020 18:13:42
DanDiplo Aww, that's lovely - thank you so much! <3 +1
Just what I needed this afternoon to find some peace for the turmoil in my head<3:)
Dan I know exactly how you are feeling with the creative spirit...I have been the same way. This is the most unsettled I have felt in my life with the world around me.
I hope we can all be strong to help each other through this. Personally I am feeling the stress and strain, it has been a tough few months.
Mai 18 2020 20:13:48
Tu Well by our very nature artists are sensitive....we are bound to experinces things more profoundly<3 +2
Mai 18 2020 21:59:52
mortheol You are so true<3 +1
<3<3 Wonderful Dan,amigo :W:W+2
Mai 19 2020 00:37:56
Tu I was wondering when you would hear this cause I know youd be as excited as me <3 +0
Mai 19 2020 00:42:18
ivax <3<3 So it is because you know me very well, my dear Tu,je,je,je!!! always a pleasure to hear Mister DanDiplo :W +2
Yes, creative spirit is under the mask, not easy :) happy notes here Dan+1
Very nice sounds Dan!+1
Mai 18 2020 18:43:27
Andri Hipnotic! +1
It’s captivating and great listening Dan, great you are back my friend:W:):W+1
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