In Your Neck

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United States
Gitarre & Drums:
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Metal grindcore djent death This one is ready for you, destroy


When did you do all this? Incredible stuff. This one's very open for addition+1
Oktober 09 2020 01:26:18
JustinL The songs have been written for at least 5 or 6 years date grape has been around since 2004? I play everyday I record everything and I try to make it into a song the matter what it is. Sometimes I'll get up in the middle of the night with a tune in my head and just do it. I'm 44 and been doing this a long time been in lucky enough to be in some pretty big bands that shall remain nameless and done some pretty big tours which also shall remain nameless. I'm a chef,so im always pissed off? šŸ¤£ I've been very lucky. +2
Oktober 09 2020 02:07:48
SupJax Now that's a story. And gives your music a much different taste. I like to play along when there's personal matter, more than just music or good music +1
Oktober 09 2020 02:10:45
JustinL I hope that my story and experience hasn't changed your mind? Because wait there's more... +1
Oktober 09 2020 02:22:51
SupJax No. It's interesting where the music comes from. It's still the same. Only the encouragement or effort changes, with which I play or record +1
Oktober 09 2020 11:15:35
TeeGee "I'm a chef,so im always pissed off?" :D :D that's funny :) Nothing better than a song with a story... your production is spot on, sounds so good! +2
Oktober 09 2020 11:48:08
JustinL Thank you. +1
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