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that's a very nice song ! with great vocals and cool instruments :) welcome onboard !!
And since there's not a single instrument in your track it should have been posted as "sequencer" so i am changing this ;)
Juli 09 2014 12:23:32
ABonesz Thankyou→ I WAS wondering how To do That. I didn't see Any info. on how to do that! (put a completed Song on) SO you LIST it as a Sequencer then ? +1
Juli 09 2014 12:30:45
ABonesz I'M gonna TRY Another ONE! +1
Juli 09 2014 13:47:28
OliVBee Don't miss the vids in the help section ! they're awsome and cover about anything you need to know about the loops ! ;) +1
Juli 09 2014 14:37:30
ABonesz is There A- Specific WAY or Mixer You Use TO Record and add your piece that works Well? +1
Juli 09 2014 14:51:52
OliVBee there's no easy answer to this question ! i'm using different DAWs (softwares) depending on which system i'm on ... Linux => Ardour; Windows => Reaper ... there are tons of different choices and they're all up to what you like or not +0
Juli 09 2014 14:56:24
ABonesz OK→ I Get it •
Very nicely done, and welcome to the loops. (don't over look 'Audacity' when it comes to a production tool. It's a great 'no frills' program with fantastic editing features, and it's FREE)+1
Juli 09 2014 22:34:50
ABonesz I Hear ya! I like it. +0
Nice song, nice vocals too!:)+1
Welcome to the loops! Wonderful start!+1
Very nice, welcome!+0
Juli 09 2014 22:43:01
ABonesz Dude! I "Dig" What You did→ sweet! +2
Juli 10 2014 11:01:36
jmrukkers Thanks, my pleasure, great song. +1
Juli 10 2014 19:33:48
ABonesz Thank u my man. it is pretty Cool I think so as well. l do believe if I had to pick on choose a style. That d be it for me. Don't get me wrong people, there is Tons of great stuff floating through the airwaves of all different genres → that Can be fitting depending on who's listening or even Mood driven. But if God himself asked me To Pick only 1, it would be of the Funky.→ Groovin Guitar Driven → with an edge of Blues Rock→ upbeat→Vocals,That Sort of thing... Yes that'd be About be it! +0
On my playlist to remember.+0
Nothing like good music and a good voice! Wecolme to the loops.+0
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