Hangin' Out In There

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Marc, I can't begin to describe how grateful I am for your influence on my playing. Thank you for another fantastic ride. ~ Joe
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Nice bass line+1
Januar 11 2021 04:57:54
JoeOnBass I'm just tryin' to keep up with the masters. Thanks for your great works to experiment with.:Y +1
Hey Joe whata you know! :) :)

Glad you enjoyed the track and you did a terrific job on it! Your gratitude is great of course but it is what we do together here. I could upload a track that is full of everything but why do that when we can build them with others!
Cheers, Marc
Januar 11 2021 16:21:44
JoeOnBass I value every track you play on, your skillset definitely improved my playing outside of the realm of rock and roll, my father was a jazz fanatic, I'm learning more about playing to those rhythms now more than ever, and I'm extremely grateful that you make these countless tunes for me to improve with. It's a masterclass that I never got from Berklee.<3 +1
Januar 12 2021 16:17:13
Marceys Hey Joe, i think Wikiloops can improve all our playing here! It is a great school for musicians to listen to others and getting idea's too. I highly appreciate this platform, i have been since 2015 i think and my playing have improved since than thanks to Wikiloops... and playing live in bands too.... but i have still a lot to learn.... but that is the key with musicians.... we evolve while we get older.... :)
(ooooof... almost 50 here....)
Januar 12 2021 16:27:50
JoeOnBass I'll be 50 in June, yes I still believe I am 18 years old. I too have a band, it is heavy rock stuff, but I do love jazz and latin rhythms. I play everything I can, but I can't make all the incredible sounds that a lot of the other accomplished players who do jazz can do. Even after an education in music and a lifetime of playing bass, I got stuck in all the same old habits with rock and roll. Wikiloops has really opened me up to new expression. I also got involved with UK bassist Scott Devine and learned a lot about turning my rock and roll influence into jazz rhythms. A really big turning point for me happened when I discovered the songs you did with Alice Leonz. After 31 tracks I was convinced I could change my ways, (laughing), and now I'm hooked on everything you record. I cannot say thank you enough for the great influence. <3 +1
Nice bass line, good job.+1
Januar 11 2021 21:10:33
JoeOnBass Many thanks. How's that Kubicki sound? I have one with a 34" scale neck, no flippy-switch but recording with the 18v pre-amp at home is like trying stop a train, it's a beast! thank you for taking a listen, this song was fun. +1
I do like like this kind of remix:)+1
Januar 12 2021 16:22:31
JoeOnBass The song has a great tempo, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the compliments. :) +0
what a nice combination here :)just the right energy and feel to that bass Joe, thumbs from me fellas :)+1
Januar 12 2021 21:05:27
JoeOnBass Cheers Shi. Hope your week is amazing thus far! <3 +1
That is very nice, Joe! Your work here is definitely something I want to learn from.. (we're both SBL acolytes, I understand) ;)+1
Januar 12 2021 22:32:26
JoeOnBass True True - SBL opened my eyes to a lot of things I did, but didn't understand why I did them. Even after a lifetime of playing bass, I really started at the first step all over again. Scott and his staff are tremendous human beings. +1
Congrats to you, guys !! Excellent. And,Joe, Scott Devine rulz !! :)+1
Januar 12 2021 23:33:05
JoeOnBass Very kind, thank you. Those guys are awesome, they make bassists like me sound good. :-) +1
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