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great - if I have an idea ... Today I kneaded sauerkraut again and took sea salt. I hope it ferments anyway. Did you take sea water?:)+1
Januar 16 2021 08:53:27
josepssv Yes, I did not use salt but sea water.
I opened one of the jars and found that sauerkraut like a seasoned salad :)
What I am not clear about is what temperature it should be at for fermentation: hot or cold?
Januar 16 2021 12:07:22
abuitremorem It is important that the salt does not contain iodine. I redone yesterday. No water was added, just Turkish (I had no other) salt added and kneaded. Today the herb is covered with water. I keep it in the dark (the cabbage loses pollutants) and at room temperature. The acid can be felt in about 4 days. I wanted to try it earlier, but my wife said no :) If you added water to it, it will probably take a little longer (diluted?).

First I had to throw away 5 kg of cabbage, it was frozen and thawed. My experts, my wife and a neighbor from Serbia said it was no longer possible. Now I have mixed 2 types of cabbage.
Januar 17 2021 10:07:43
josepssv ..keep it in the dark (the cabbage loses pollutants) and at room temperature
Ok! Thank you Abu!
A friend says I should be careful with toxins
Januar 17 2021 11:52:51
abuitremorem Just put the cabbage / sauerkraut in the dark :)
At first it really tastes like salad. That's why I like it so much :) .. If it is very acidic, the Poles wash it before preparing it. As soon as you tell me it's OK, I ask Gosia how to make fried sauerkraut and then tell you. When I ate this for the first time, it was an unforgettable experience :)
Januar 17 2021 13:35:38
josepssv By the 20th, I'll open another jar of sauerkraut.
The first days were with light, not direct light, now they are darker, but outdoors. It is lactic fermentation.
It is not alcoholic fermentation. I am quite ignorant
Januar 17 2021 21:42:27
abuitremorem Jose, you will see. Importantly, if dunochnie has eaten sauerkraut, your stomach may not be prepared for it. My recommendation, try in the evening and 50 g:D:D:D +1
WOW! Thanks a lot for this add! <3 Very very interesting! :)+1
Januar 16 2021 08:56:38
josepssv <3 :)
I liked the short composition.
For my experimentation I prefer this way.
The choirs have seemed like The Lion King :)
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