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Some cool "banging drums, bumping bumps" in this one, seayaker :) :W
One tip maybe: for remixes it would be good if you'd also upload a "HD" track with your drums only, and if you convert sample rates, make sure that you don't make the tracks longer/shorter or faster/slower when doing so - one of your 88.2kHz tracks ran out of time when combined with uploads from the other musicians...
April 01 2022 04:40:04
seayaker Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate the tips as I am not very tech savvy. Honestly I don't even know how make a HD track. Is 24 bit, 88.2kHz not the best to use here? There were 2 songs I had to quantize in order to get them to line up with the click track, they were so far off it drove me crazy trying to play with them. I'm all for getting everyone on the same page as much as possible. I wish everyone would have at least 1 bar count in with a click track and keep all instruments separate. There are songs I would record with but can't because they have a sequencer or drum track that can't be removed. One of the things I like best about this site is the ability to plug in different musicians and see how they interpret the music.
I'm still playing around with my set up trying to get the best sound with what I have to work with. I tried using the VST EQ, reverb and compressors but the last song I recorded (On Sunday Nights) did not use anything at all and I think that sounds best. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
April 01 2022 10:03:39
wjl Hi there seayaker, and thanks for asking :)
Normally for here, uploads with 44.1 or with 48kHz are more than enough, and Wikiloops has scripts to turn them into .mp3 files automatically (for inclusion into albums and so on). We have a forum corner just for questions with recording and mixing, please see and don't hesitate to ask there if you don't find answers there already :)
Good to have a competent drummer like you here :)
liking those drums you added seayaker :) nice work :)+0
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