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Fantastic!!!! Franco and Andrea are so synched to each other and play to the same heart beat. I completed my add yesterday to Franco's track and ironically, Andrea's cool add lined up to my add almost perfectly. I added 0:03-0:51 and 1:56-3:39. Thank You guys for your cool playing!!!!
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Swing, Soulful


Wow Dan! We are mentally syncronised. 8000 km between us, but musically we are so close!! Great, perfect jam this one. :o<3 Thanks all+2
April 21 2022 23:14:51
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Andrea!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!!! I was so excited when I realized my recording yesterday was so aligned to your arrangement and even our solos were properly arranged!!! AMAZING!!! +0
April 21 2022 23:17:37
M4fp Thank YOU;) +0
Your sound and swing is superb Dan! :)+2
April 21 2022 23:15:20
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Stef!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend my friend!!!! +1
Sweet playing DanšŸ˜Ž nice theme to set it up. Love the altissimo towards the endšŸ˜ŽšŸŽµšŸŽ¶+1
April 21 2022 23:15:59
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Alex!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment!!!! +1
Lots of style in your playing, Dan. Love especially the Swing/Timings and mix also+1
April 21 2022 23:16:29
Itocpogo Thank You very much, HM!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!!! +1
Very Nice Dan. :)+1
April 22 2022 16:13:25
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Mr T!!! I appreciate your kind words my friend!!!!!!!! +1
Dreams come true! Happy to have created a track for two artists with a sensitivity close to mine. Hug to both of you <3+1
April 22 2022 16:12:55
Itocpogo Thank You very much, my very dear friend!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment!!!! I too felt that magic with how "magical" Andrea synched with your cool stylings!!! It was my honor to play with both of you!!! +1
Great how you bring your sax in here Dan. You convey a mutual understanding of the musicians, a live atmosphere.+1
April 22 2022 23:16:18
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Rene!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!!! +0
Hey Dan, you're in the right place, towards the end, what are you doing:o I'm amazed and trying to learn!+1
April 23 2022 18:06:39
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Peter!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!!! Toward the end I am riffing and also jumping to the altissimo range. Why? I do not know, but I believe I absorbed the 1,000 of hours I listened to Jazz tenor sax GREATS. I mostly purchased albums/CDs by Tenor Sax Jazz players who were leading their groups. I decided to focus practicing learning how to execute all kind of scales and chords in all keys and strive to play as fast as possible to develop a smooth technique at slower tempos. Why? No idea, except it was what I could "handle" as an amateur musician with a non-musical day career. +1
April 23 2022 18:33:08
Pewi That really impresses me a lot! Actually, I'm not really the one who listens to much saxophone music (apart from Wikiloop's saxophonists). Come to think of it, I probably listen to more classical music than others, right now I'm fascinated by Franz Liszt. But then also the Epstein Brothers:|:) +1
Mai 02 2022 17:42:11
Itocpogo That makes sense!!!!! You have to follow your "heart" because if you do not, in my humble opinion ,you can not find your true "voice". You true "voice" is you and unique and will please others. Very, Very few became "GREAT"!!!! But that does not mean musicians like you and me should not please ourselves by creating music to our best potential. +1
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