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I really like Octavers on a bass & listening/playing on Mulambo's excellent mix to this very same drum template by MrAdam ( #27483 ) reminded me of that.
While fooling around learning his superb bass line, i came up with another & decided to record it then add a super distorted bass soloing here & there….
I still stink at recording ( roll my eyes, bang my head against wall, roll eyes again.. ) & yes the sound is a bit ''muddled'' ...


this....ROCKS! Wow is all I can say. I'm by no means as good as Olive or some others here Nuno, but an EQ with both a low and high pass may do the trick for these types of recordings...might do just enough to take out some of the extraneous frequencies and push the ones forward that make this happen :) Damn this is cool!+2
November 19 2014 19:35:18
nuno1959 Thank you so much Dan for your compliment, much appreciated…
As for the recording tips…oh man….i better kidnap OliV & have him take care of all that !! :D
Jokes aside, i must dwell into the basic dos & donts of recording/mixing 'cause after listening 6 or 8 or 10 times i can't tell anymore what changes have done or not to the sound, know what i mean ?
November 20 2014 03:42:30
Danalyze45 I know exactly what you mean :) There are times I get started changing things and think I "have it right" only to re-listen and scrap all the things I did and go back to the original tones etc and wonder where I went wrong lol +1
November 20 2014 03:57:39
nuno1959 ….LOL…. +0
Realy great bassline and an pretty cool leadpart!! Like it a lot!! ;+2
November 19 2014 19:31:33
nuno1959 Thanks Basster, really happy you enjoyed it !! +0
Diggin' it!!!+1
November 19 2014 03:05:15
Guitar Ger
nuno1959 Thanks GG, glad you enjoyed it ! ;)
I just realised you're new to The Loops so a BIG Welcome, i'm sure you'll have a ton of fun round here !!
November 19 2014 03:21:14
Guitar Ger
Guitar Ger I'm looking forward to my time here. So far, I like it. Hoping to meet some nice folks. +2
November 19 2014 03:25:06
Guitar Ger
nuno1959 Well then, you came to the right place
This community is GOLDEN !! if i may say so myself..
passionate !+1
November 19 2014 03:28:45
nuno1959 Thanks JM, cool to hear that ;) +0
cool Nuno - like it :)+1
November 19 2014 03:31:32
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed listening @Fresh ! +0
Ouch Bro awesome work . You kills me. Big Thumb Up :)+1
November 19 2014 03:31:08
nuno1959 Hey Evil, thank you !!
Much appreciated ! ;)
November 19 2014 13:31:20
Evilvince As said i sound like Jonas Hellborg Bro ;) +0
like it loud sounds great+1
November 19 2014 03:27:35
nuno1959 Thanks RickP : these days i have this feeling my ears ARE shot & i want it SO bad that it sounds to you guys ! ;) +2
November 19 2014 03:29:33
Rickplayer does sound great my ears aren't what they used to be but still hear great tones and music +2
November 19 2014 03:32:14
nuno1959 Appreciated !! +0
Fantastic Nuno+1
November 19 2014 04:05:23
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, I'm glad you enjoyed it ! ;) +1
November 19 2014 04:31:08
nuno1959 Thanks Slon, appreciated ! ;) +0
November 19 2014 05:20:12
nuno1959 Cheers RP, thanks a lot ! +1
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