Ashes Return

United States
Gitarre & Drums:
rootshell 1469 jams
United States
Drums & Bass:
JoeOnBass 1498 jams
United States
rootshell 1469 jams
Remix step III
CrowzValle 55 jams

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rootshell your solo kicked me dead in my jujubes. Out of all the remixes of the template it left me slack jawed.big props to rootshell and JoeOnBass. Finally template that I was fully inspired to get through all the way I hope I did it justice
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still wearing the stain
we bury the shame
cutting ourselves to release the pain
so cover your eyes as I fall apart
there's nothing to see here inside this broken heart
all passion has died
the blood is run dry
I pray to make it till Dawn's morning light
shatter the knives
but I'm still alive
know I'll still see you on the other side

and so the pages they will turn
those are lessons I should have learned
as the smolder I watch them burn
and from their ashes I will return

the burden grows great
I'm crushed by the weight
stricken down by the arrows of fate
clutching the targets tight to my chest
yes I am a sinner it's what I do best
this life's essence it falls for my veins
nothing to see here just look away

As the pages they did turn
They were lessons I didn't learn
there in a fire we watch them burn
From the ashes I will return
Nice one sir! :W +1
12. Juni 2024 um 02:20
CrowzValle thank you kindly :) +1
epic! :W:o awesome vox work CrowzValle. some insane stuff there, especially the scream just as the solo builds :o kick ass line right here "i am a sinner it's what I do best" :W:W:W:o:o:o +1
12. Juni 2024 um 02:19
CrowzValle ive had some major health issues affecting me recently so I was overjoyed to be able to put this much energy into it. I felt I went a little over the top because I was scared I wouldnt be able to do anything like this again. God willing I will still be able to put out performances of this caliber for some time. thank you for the inspiration to try +1
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A great site to improve my piano backing skills. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to become a better player. Nice work Wikiloops!
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