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Found something on Audacity called the "envelope" tool..OK..slap me...I never read the this upload is more about mixing than playin..just sayin :-) If anyone here doesn't know about that..feel free to send me a message


Sweet, sweet sound :)+1
Your best yet. Timing, phrasing, tone, feel, level, mix, everything well done. What an amazing difference in such a short time! All that practice is really paying off.+1
great sound and playing. Great job at mixing. Next time I will provide you with a better-mixed template. Too much compressor on the piano. ;)+1
Januar 23 2015 16:16:26
Fishinmissio Sounds great to me.. +0
Il Tello
Good Fishinmissio, I dislike envelope filter you can get the real envelope, to manage the distance between sax from mic, so you can record the strong and piano with real mode, the envelope acts on dinamycs. In the real you can play strong or piano and choocing the distance at the moment. You need an isolated fixed mic. you can't use mic on the sax.+1
Il Tello
Or better you can use two mic one on the sax, another one in the room, at the end of session mixing....;-) but you can do a great envelope only with mic room choosing the distance+1
Il Tello
in this case it is useful to mark the points on the ground away from the microphone , so as to easily find them when recording. It's important do prove strong short distance strong medium distance strong long distance+1
Januar 23 2015 15:57:07
Il Tello
Fishinmissio Sounds easier than mixing...'cept it's hard to hold still when I am +0
Januar 23 2015 16:14:04
Il Tello
Il Tello Yes it's hard but it's different way to get good dynamic. I don't know how you record., which mic. In the software usually every filter are emulate some process or similar that It has been in the past manually way. Of course you can use envelope to give the right sense dynamic at the musical sense. With this "manual" you can image what you can do on the next record with envelope, so you can use better, give it more realistic sense. +0
Januar 23 2015 16:20:29
Il Tello
Il Tello Forgot don't use compression when you're working on dynamic, 'cause you'll flattens the differences between the strong and the plan +1
Januar 23 2015 23:05:52
Il Tello
Wade Sax players have another factor that's more important than moving in and out from the microphone. We can play from PPP to FFF without moving. Dynamics are important in conveying feel and phrasing. The timbre of the instrument changes with the amount of "push" or softness in your playing. Same with singing. There is a big difference in the quality of a voice that's singing quietly compared to dropping the volume on a voice that's singing loudly. There are technical aspects to recording (for sure!) but these should never be replacements for using real dynamics in your playing. +1
Januar 23 2015 23:23:16
Il Tello
Il Tello Yes I understand very well, with the envelope will never get a sax that's approaching is false way too artifact, while if get this in live studio session effect you can get with real dynamic and real movement you can get real growing pace. The session horns should be understand that the microphone is an ear. 'cause it's so easy too much easy Everything from wide open in front of the microphone. just as the good singers should play with the distance from the microphone. I understand perfectly well that all this becomes inoperative and stupid reduced to MP3 , consequently not apprezabile. But if you love so, that it is. +0
cool playing :)+1
I like it!+1
cool ;o)+1
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