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In 1999, three college roommates teamed up to create the most epic* punk rock song known to man. The song was to be called "Don't Need It." Alas, for 16 years the song has remained unfinished with only its blazing guitars and snotty vocals in place. Yes,this poor abandoned song is still in need of some rapidfire drums and bouncing bass (or any other finishing touches you want to add to it!).

Can YOU help us ...


lol, excellent introduction :)
the guitars sound is... not... naw, Sorry!
Like the singing and concept, but theres too many sound and even timing issues to take this far... I'd recommend a re-record with some straight punk drums from the wikiloops collection...
this songs got potential, dun get me wrong now!
März 07 2015 10:09:30
shanedlm (Sorry I realized I posted this as a new msg and not a reply earlier...)

Hey Dick, thanks for the note! You are right on about everything.

Like I said in the description, we recorded this in 1999 as a bunch of goofy college kids. Just hoping to hear it completed to the best it can be in its current shape.

Wouldn't ever want to re-record it -- I'm far too old to make a silly song about hating school haha! And honestly, this specific recording just captures a great moment in time for me and my friends. smile.gif
Lenny Cowler
good punk song,welcome:)+0
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