Shadow´s Return

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This is a "Wikiloops"- remake of a track I did in 2013. Again in old guitar group "Shadows"-style.Suitable for adding drums (1/8 triolic rhythm)and (from the midddle) for saxophone for example.


Would be great for vocal too... nice job !!+1
hoow... very funny... nice+1
Mai 04 2015 16:23:09
R1772 Thanks a lot, jjdf +0
das ist so goldig irgendwie ;)+1
Mai 04 2015 16:22:45
R1772 Daaanke,Andrea.-) +1
Woke up today with a growl in my head...put my jumper on back to front...spilled the coffee on my new jeans...can't find my hairbrush...what day is it anyways?...what?'s already May? Not in the mood for tricks, you know!...gimme me a break, will ya...where are my's not raining outside, is it?...I think I go and join the circus...this crazy world makes me laugh!+1
Mai 04 2015 16:22:29
R1772 Oh..I can imagine very well, Marianne.These mondays are the worst days. But if you would delete the monday, tuesday would be what actually is monday:-)). +1
Mai 05 2015 07:30:54
Marianne Another Monday and already in May! No wonder I want to join the circus. Ha ha. Thank you for joining in the fun, Rainer! :) +0
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Shadow's Return and couldn't resist some thoughts on it...could be expanded, of course! FUN, R1. :)+1
Mai 04 2015 16:20:43
R1772 Thanks so much, dear Marianne. You make me blush and are my truest follower/listener:-).It is very motivating if the stuff that one is producing makes a smile on anothers face:-))). +1
Mai 05 2015 07:34:04
Marianne Why, thank you, R1...nothing better than music that makes me/us smile, dance and rock the cares of the world away, right?!! Needless to say, your compliment made me HAPPY as well! :) +0
Wunderbares template mit so vielen Ideen und Sounds, die man einfach mögen muss! :)+1
I am a big fan of your wonderful music Rainer and this is yet another superb track :)+1
August 21 2015 16:48:57
R1772 Hi, PJE, I´m happy that you like my style of music. Much appreciated! +1
Thanks a lot, Psycho - Vocals would be great, but rare to find here,I think - in comparison to many very good instrumental musicians here.+0
Vielen Dank, Marc, freut mich sehr!+0
Cool. Tauchen viele Assoziationen auf, wenn ich es höre. Und Erinnerungen. :)+0
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