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Slowing it down on this methodical beat. Almost...Robotic...Lol!


Really nice and solid - what we drummers are here to do, ultimately. Love your near-Bonham tone again too! Really open sound :)+2
Mai 19 2015 20:19:29
wiseshanks Thank you! It's hard to make a fusion set sound like Bonham. Lol! +0
Mai 19 2015 20:24:22
mpointon There's plenty of space and boom in the sound. It's my main complaint with my recordings: the room is very dry as are my drums. +0
Mai 19 2015 21:02:00
wiseshanks That's what I love about Bonham's sound. He didn't muffle anything with the exception of felt strips on his bass. Such a big boomy sound. I'm going to own a Bonham sized kit one of these days. Believe it or not, the room I record in is 12'x14' +1
Mai 19 2015 21:11:52
mpointon My room is bigger but has books, etc., on three walls so it's very dead! I need to experiment with using less deadening in my kick. +0
Mai 19 2015 21:19:57
wiseshanks To me, the two felt strips are plenty. It really just focuses the sound. I run coated ambassadeurs and vintage coated emperors all all the drums. Tune the reso heads up about 2 notes higher. +0
Mai 19 2015 21:22:16
mpointon I'll give that a go with the tuning. I'm terrible at tuning! I too use coated ambassadors all round (Coated Powerstroke 3 on the kick) but with Genera G2 resos. Sorry to extend these comments but do you close-mic the kit or just use room mics? +1
Mai 19 2015 21:36:45
wiseshanks I use a $135 mic set from amazon. I close mic and run spaced pair overheads. No room mic yet. I plan on upgrading the mics but went with a budget set to get me started. I'd like to add a second bass mic and a second for the snare as well. +0
Mai 19 2015 21:41:45
mpointon Thanks for that. You get such an open sound. I want to get more space in my sound. I'll have to experiment more! +1
Cool groove+2
Mai 19 2015 21:20:47
wiseshanks Thanks! +2
Cool love it great beat+2
Mai 20 2015 11:03:15
wiseshanks Thank you! +1
Cool one mate!!!! Sounds great, and it's on the list of course ;)+1
yeah, Franky Banali (Quiet Riot, WASP) is pretty unappreciated IMO.

So is Herman Rarebell of the Scorpions
Pit Brett
great drums ! :)+1
Mai 21 2015 00:49:51
Pit Brett
wiseshanks Thanks! +1
brother, u just dont know!!! haha, I really appreciate it+0
Mai 20 2015 06:06:14
wiseshanks I really appreciate your public criticism. +1
Mai 20 2015 06:08:27
JonJon criticism??? "u just dont know" is a compliment lol. Usually a guy says it to a girl, like "u just dont KNOW" (what u r doing to me) etc +0
Mai 20 2015 06:09:51
wiseshanks Well what was the comment before supposed to mean? +1
Mai 20 2015 06:12:42
JonJon condition critical? thats one of the songs I linked to u. one of my faves from like 1984 +0
Mai 20 2015 06:14:25
JonJon pretty much no one at wikiloops is going to post negative comments lol. I am much appreciative of your time spent on these tracks +0
Mai 20 2015 06:17:57
wiseshanks Sorry man...this graveyard shift has me all out of whack. I hate shift work...I'm wound up tighter than a 3 day clock. Lol! +1
Mai 20 2015 06:22:14
wiseshanks I've never heard that song. I need to listen to quiet riot more. They're very under-rated. +1
Mai 20 2015 06:22:28
JonJon u gotta relax bro. Everyone here is real cool. Im an old dude (47) so half of what I say to you will make no sense, lol. But trsut me, I would never give negative public criticism of someone who takes time to contribute a specific beat like u have done +1
Mai 20 2015 06:23:50
JonJon and within a few days ill try to post up a nasty guitar track to show some love. At the moment my AC is on the blink so my living room is like 88 degrees...not a LOT of recording going on lol +2
Condition, condition, condition critical critical.....+0
Very Awesome Zep- dumming!! Love it!+0
Lenny Cowler
perfect colleague:)+0
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