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Another inspired track from the great and powerful Lenny's drums :) I owe this man a beer should we ever get a chance to meet up :)

BTW the whole "Stems" thing still racks my brain...the HD upload attached here should be just the acoustic guitars. I think everyone is a better keyboard player than me so I didn't upload that track separate :)


Really great track Dan. The HD file can be just acoustic guitar or anything, but the file will say sequence or whatever the mp3 is named. That confuses people so they may never download what you want them to. If we could name the HD file what it really is, then it would be less confusing. But I don't think Dick is ready to let people name their own files yet. Things might get hairy.+2
Juni 01 2015 08:29:29
GaryA sounds like 3 guitars mixed to one uploaded file +1
Juni 01 2015 08:30:59
Danalyze45 The HD is two acoustics (should be) +0
Juni 01 2015 08:43:41
Danalyze45 hahaha that's good :) I thought I messed a drop down or something where I could label it as guitar or something. +0
Lenny Cowler
Dan big comfort,very nice keyboard background,
I knew that it would be a high level again:) I´m very happy:)
Juni 01 2015 09:18:47
Lenny Cowler
Danalyze45 Thank you Lenny....this was another inspired just from the groove laid down by you. Really well played by you and is open to so many different colors on top of it :) +1
Juni 01 2015 09:20:53
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler thanks bro, I think that you are very excellent player on Wiki:) +0
in regards to your comment above about adding stems, I just had to a reload on a different song here cus I also didn't do the stems correctly. I had to make my remix track as an mp3 file and my separate add, like bass as a wav file. On the upload, there is a section to add the separate stem after you "entered" (not published) the remix mp3 file. I also had to do a separate upload for drums and then another separate upload for bass in this manner.+1
Juni 01 2015 08:34:55
Danalyze45 = a bit of a pain :) lol. I really don't like the idea of saving every single track on something as it's own thing and then the full file as and time become problematic there lololol +0
Juni 01 2015 08:41:01
Danalyze45 I really do wish I had more time for the WL :) I'm hoping that as I get faster with my gear then it won't be such a chore to try to do the right things for others :) +0
Very nice piece of music.+1
Juni 01 2015 09:04:48
Danalyze45 Thank you Rob :) +0
This is a great jam+1
Great Dan :)+1
nice jam+0
Very nice thanks !+0
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