Cant Fool Love w SlimD, rastafari, Relativity

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Relativity pointed this tune out to me with his title hook idea - and it quickly got under my skin. has an anthemic feel to me - love the groove very much. blank verse and chorus for anyone from 1:25 - 2:19. Thank you gentlemen! (and as i really suck at mixing, i'd be happy to send sep vox)
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love is far from blind...


Such a great bluesy song. You're a pro singer, Anne. Awesome! :)+2
Juli 29 2015 19:18:18
AnneCozean morning, Patrick - and big thanks! :) +1
Juli 29 2015 23:54:14
pkliesch Just awoke, and already in bed again :) +0
Such a class act - you are totally distinct would recognise you anywhere within a few notes - why am I not queing to buy your music - we are so lucky to have you here Anne!!!! :):)+2
Juli 29 2015 19:25:00
AnneCozean well just melt me, Peter - just melt me! :) thank you. +1
One more notch on her Colt's handle ! Damn… the Lady's dangerous… ;)
Love the avatar drawing Anne !!
August 03 2015 19:07:04
AnneCozean that's a semi-no lookie i sketched in 1985. were you even born???? :) thanks from An Old Lady with a Colt...:) +1
big bright star, you are, Anne! Goose bumps, and multiple thumbs ;)+1
Juli 29 2015 19:10:27
AnneCozean thank you, Andreas! +0
Wonderful as usual! Love the harmonies! Is that all you or is sis singing too?+1
Juli 29 2015 19:25:42
AnneCozean thank you, Danny! only one sis here - Marty actually has a life...:) appreciate your ear! +1
Strong but yet warm and gentle performance Anne, you are a big bright star !out standing ....really enjoy everything about this song...and the lyrics..very tasty+1
Juli 29 2015 19:31:31
AnneCozean Alice - musical hugs from me to you! :) +0
Each time you begin the verse... PAF !
Knock Out! sometimes I could not reach the chorus :)
Juli 29 2015 20:48:19
AnneCozean Chris, to reach the chorus you must hop hop HOP! :) thank you, O Generous Commenter. :) +1
Anne ! You are a goddess for intonation and feeling that dispenses in every little nuance of your wonderful voice . at 1.55 and 2.05 I felt a shiver of pleasure ! Thank you for that !!+1
Juli 29 2015 20:58:59
AnneCozean Stefano, i am delivering prepaid kisses to your account. you honor me! +2
Juli 29 2015 21:02:18
Stef The honor is mine Anne! +0
You did it again, managed to make this song to yours. This is an art! Other paint pictures with the brush or pencil. You paint pictures with your voice !!! Wonderful. :)+1
August 03 2015 19:04:25
AnneCozean Andreas - you make me blush. but i will wear my pink cheeks with pride and i thank you sincerely! :) +1
your vocals allways complete the songs perfectly. great music, Anne!+1
August 03 2015 19:06:09
AnneCozean thank you kindly, Luis! +1
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