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Once again a not for everyone Fusion groove. Wanted to work on my Legato chops, came up with this. Added a few keys to help get the idea across. Hope some will like it and join in. Drums and bass would be cool. But this can be a tricky one. And yes I'm as weird as I play, but if this sounds like fun to you, then your my kind of crazy. lol
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Lenny Cowler
wow!!! Super:)+2
September 02 2015 00:15:05
Lenny Cowler
Acousticeg Drums? Ü +1
September 02 2015 06:11:47
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I will try to,I plan your previous songs,I was in a lot of work and did not have time to play.I promised a lot of songs:)
I'd played all:)
Very nice.+1
cool phrasing :) great sound !+1
Actually not so weird. One of my fav albums is Neal Schon Electric World. It would fit right in.Very beautiful and underatted album.+1
September 02 2015 00:11:06
Acousticeg You got that right. Neal Schon is very underatted. I have his Beyond the Thunder and Voice CD's. Great stuff! I will check out Electric World. Thanks +1
I think weird is a good thing :) Excellent playing Ac !!+1
September 02 2015 00:14:03
Acousticeg Well I guess you aren't called Psycho for nothing...lol Good to know there are more of us around. ha! +0
Lenny Cowler
perfect ride:)+1
sweEEEEEET! About to download the version with drums, gonna rock it out+1
Crazy mode ! I would like to play like this ! Legato weird fusion scales ! Love it !<3:W+1
Februar 20 2020 23:45:58
Acousticeg I am self taught. Early on, scales modes and music theory just didn't interest me. It was easier to just pick up stuff from albums and other musicians. In my quest to play fusion and Legato, something that kinda had a Holdsworth flavor.I discovered that many guitarist use shapes instead of scales. The shapes are much easier to remember and play than scales that always sound like scales. lol They can be linked together across the entire fret board and sound great for Legato style playing. Sweep picking works as well for these shapes. I use them often. +1
Februar 20 2020 23:50:42
Inkless I need 2 more fingers to play like Holdsworth ! But you did it very well ! :) +1
Februar 21 2020 00:05:33
Acousticeg I've thought about making a few videos using shapes. As I have not found anyone on Youtube sharing this with others. But I do not have the HD hardware to make good videos. Thank you very :Wmuch for listening and kind words. +1
Amazing sound and phrasing! :)+1
Cool quirky beautiful !+0
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