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I don't know. I commend Marc on a fabulous template leaving so much scope and space for interpretation. So I go and fill every single semiquaver in the entire piece...

I originally wanted a kind of James Brown/Clyde Stubblefield thing but once I got going I realised the tempo was far too hot for that sort of thing. So I just pretended it was 1978, I'd dropped a load of LSD and John McLaughlin was waiting in the control room for ...
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this is very well done to my ears, the contrast between Marc's key and your drums, make an excellent dynamic, and you hit down the drop of Marc's sweet yellow part smoothly , this is soo cool Martin! now where is the bass player?+2
totally agree with the drum sound...great.
gonna give this one a go...but no john Mc... maybe "in my dreams" some ronny jordan.... we'll have to wait and see:)
November 30 2015 00:40:47
mpointon Big Ronny J fan here :) :) +1
November 30 2015 00:43:40
kimbo maybe downgrade to george benson?.....or just me!... arghhhh! +1
Not overdone but perfectly done.....kicks ass+1
Yeah Martin! So cool man! Love your drums on the first rhodes part! The busy drumming with the cool bassdrum is top notch!
Than the at east part in half tempo is so incredible cool! What a rhythm! Thanks a bunch for your music man!

You have "chops" ! :) :)
nice one martin, liking the groovin sounds :) and the change of pace at just before the end ! :)+1
November 29 2015 22:37:28
mpointon Thank you, Shi :) :) +0
Oh what fantastic job while on LSD... must be a wonderful trip... fine work man :)+1
Sound fantastic M ! :)+1
Oooh my… Massively overdone !? 'Cause that's my middle name.. :D
Love your add & it absolutely works
WoW!!!Absolutely fantastic Martin+1
Fabulous Martin !!! This is what I'm waiting..+1
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