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You are a fortunate man this evening Marc!
An angel sits on your piano...
Januar 14 2016 21:42:40
Liesching ... and is singing wonderful! :) +1
Januar 14 2016 21:46:22
titi Merveilleuse Alice..;) +1
Seeing that there is a new track from you posted is like being told a beloved friend is coming to visit. You never disappoint. There is wisdom, peace, and a wonderful musical story to be told. Simply beautiful.+3
Januar 14 2016 22:20:49
Liesching Thanks for this wonderful compliment, wade. Telling musical stories, being told by other musicians and writing new ones together in jams makes this place so special. To me it's more than a community, hiding place or a soundcloud. It's a musical home. You're always welcome to have a seat in the living room, but don't forget your sax! :) +2
Januar 14 2016 22:22:46
Wade As others may tell out...I get around and just might come knocking at your door...have sopranino... will travel. +1
Januar 14 2016 22:26:13
Liesching I´ll watch out! :) +1
Beautiful piece Mark! Exposition of the theme at the beginning , the developing of the theme and the coda at the end, a perfect structure, just beautiful!+2
Januar 13 2016 23:18:33
Liesching Such kind words by an excellent composer mean a lot to me. Thanks John! +0
Sehr sehr schöner Track, Wunderbar !
No tear today, just a super nice cool Wind in my mind, my soul just needed some of your music, thanks to be there on time for my mental health, I had to keep calm...
How much Doctor ? :)
Bravo Marc
Januar 13 2016 23:47:19
Liesching Cool mind winds are extra charged with another 500 Tof tracks! :) Merci, mon ami. +1
Piece worthy of any Oscar´s movie soundtrack to a minimum, just a beauty...masterly+2
Januar 14 2016 09:06:02
Liesching Thanks so much, my friend! +1
oh really know how to make me teary eyed...just beautiful,..beyond words..+2
Januar 14 2016 21:39:38
Liesching Thanks a lot, Kenny. Much appreciated! +0
WOW !! Most beautiful thing I've heard in a long long time. Playlisted.+1
Januar 13 2016 21:40:19
Liesching Thanks for your kind words, Cody! This means a lot :) +1
captivated by the sweet and magical sounds of your keys 7 seconds in Marc...lovely :)+1
yes yess YESSS :)+1
Januar 13 2016 21:43:47
Liesching Ouuuiii, Monsieur BEE. High time for a new one in good old "faire des câlins" style :) +1
Wunderbare Akkordfolgen, ein echter Lieschings eben!! Ich mag den Fluß.... toll :) :)+1
Januar 13 2016 21:44:55
Liesching Danke mein Lieber! Freut mich wirklich sehr, Franky. :) +1
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