Never Gonna Wear Flip Flop

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I really love this track from Steve, and I hear Marc's add, I just can't resist to sing on this one..

I hear Marc's sing about his socks, boots, etc inspired by those footwear , and look back from one of my bad experience.

Once upon the time....
I was a bit late to catch some morning meeting with my client, so I took the train (I’m not gonna make it by a car because of the bad traffic jam), I don't ...


Alice!!!!!!!!!:D Unbelievable!! Love it - your story, and your vocals and tunes is so sweet and perfect... LOVE it!!!!Thank you very much Funky Sister :D+2
Januar 21 2016 04:44:12
SlonMusic Listening again and again.. Absolutely PERFECT!! +0
Januar 21 2016 16:11:57
aleonz Steve!!! hahahah this song unable me to sing something about love dovey things, the moment i hear it, don't know how it bring the picture of that flip flop memories :) than you so much Steve! so happy you like it! will prepare my link asap! +1
Januar 21 2016 17:44:43
SlonMusic Great! +0
That's too bad to know!!! In my case, I love flipflops a lot and I prefer it than shoes! But I would certainly prefer your singing anytime of the day!!+2
Januar 21 2016 21:41:56
aleonz hehehe thank you so much awesome brother! when you back home? so you can play your guitar again? really miss to hear your music here! +1
Januar 22 2016 06:07:08
kennyadry I am actually already in my town but still not able to be with my babies :( and im also dying to play now! +0
Perfect song, perfect voice Alice Big Thumb !!!+1
Januar 21 2016 15:56:14
aleonz Hi Vincent! thank you for stopping by :) and for the thumbs and for the comment :) +0
WoW!!! Awesome vocal and lyrics so original! FANTASTIC Alice for a fantastic track! :)+1
Januar 21 2016 15:56:47
aleonz hehehe thank you so much Stef!glad finally i can lay the story into the song :) +0
So quickly done!! how do you do that?
I can understand the incentive but what about the quality... Lyrics, harmony, melody, structure, mix...
Simply the Beast.... eh eh... I mean... Best!
Of course I know the power from the guys too :)
Well done again Angel Al'
Januar 21 2016 15:59:03
aleonz Thank you very much brother, it's really fun to play with this song, it have some twist which is really cool :) , and no doubt for the guys! +0
cool song , very original. I NEVER heard a flip flop song before, I like how you write about your personal flip flop experience, WELL DONE :)+1
Januar 21 2016 16:00:27
aleonz Thank you RZ! hahah it's quite a challange to write the exact picture in my head at that time :) thank youuu :) +0
Enjoyed this, Alice!
Especially funk sections of the song that are so rhythmically rich.
With appropriate bass it would be a smash.
Januar 21 2016 16:01:21
aleonz yeah it's really scream for the bass, and maybe some horn..sax, trumpet, something ...something :) Thank you Slava! +0
Poor Alice, Blue Toe'th !
You have the Pink Purple Blue Symptoms, you begin talking about your shoes... tomorrow socks, jacket... :)
Januar 21 2016 16:03:20
aleonz Hahaha! oh my toe really suffered from that tragedy, it will remind to that flip flop forever Tof! haahahha it's fun to write some strange stuff :) +1
This came together unbelievably quick! I love the story behind your lyrics. Well done with your melodic and rhythmic ideas.+1
Januar 21 2016 16:05:43
aleonz Thank you Adam! it was really fun ! and this track need some cool bass line right now :) +1
LOL... but you live in Flip Flop land? I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and was barefoot the whole time :) A very good and funny song Big Al (funny now, but not then I'm sure) You are quite the character :)+1
Januar 21 2016 16:09:23
aleonz I respect the freedom of my feet so i use flip flop a lot, but that is the only time I wear my flip flop on the train, i swear to this universe not to do the same mistake, it's bloody hurts and I was surrounded by all the taller people that even notice i was stuck there ! it's funny to remember , but at that time i feel like i wanna bite everyone there LOL +1
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