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I.........I............I thought I had words but alas I am just speechless.

As a listener you should know, one can not simply just "hear" your music. It is felt: physically, emotionally, with the heart. I could hear a thousand piano songs and pick your playing out in an instant. It will be the one that makes me smile, cry, and dream all at the same time. I hear your songs and I think, "How can it get better than this?" And then you post another. Just stunningly beautiful. My heart pounds with the rhythm of your keys. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us, Marc. :)
Januar 29 2016 13:31:24
Liesching Thank you so much, dear. I´m not sure if I deserve such a compliment, just hitting some keys every now and then :)I´m very happy that you like it. What you did with this piece is just awesome, Kelly. Thanks a lot, my friend. +1
Soundtrack of an italian mafia saga, in my ears, Godfather Marco!+3
Januar 29 2016 13:25:52
Liesching :) Indeed it sounds quite a bit like this. Thanks, bro! +1
Januar 29 2016 14:56:02
pkliesch Ok, Don Marco! +1
...! rest just the silence...+2
Januar 29 2016 13:24:24
Liesching Merci, titi! I´m glad you like it! :) +1
Haunting theme here Marc ! love the melodic ostinato very much gives the piece a longing for an denouement that never comes and results in an restless mood!Bravo!+2
Januar 29 2016 13:32:07
Liesching Thanks a lot, Sir John! :) +0
A whole gamut of emotions explode under your finger tips..
I'm sad/i'm happy, longing yet looking forward & absolutely enthralled by your music Marc, just WOW !!!
Januar 29 2016 13:38:17
Liesching Thanks! Greetings to Monchique. Just checked: you face another lovely sunny weekend with a wonderful view over the ocean! I´ll have a Vinho Verde this eve and salut to you, my friend. :) +0
Fantastic Marc, hear your notes is an almost divine experience, you can always move me, harmony and Melody without fissures, is perfect+2
Januar 29 2016 13:40:00
Liesching Your guitar addition is simply fantastic, Xavi! Makes me happy! :) Thanks, my friend. +1
Januar 29 2016 23:00:46
ivax Thank you Marc, because with you ,always learn, with such sublime compositions +1
Oh wow, your piano is so expressive... I love it:)+2
Don't know how i missed this
Glad I found it, beautiful as always Marc :)
Da bekomme ich epische Gänsepelle! :) Grandios :)+1
Januar 29 2016 13:20:54
Liesching :) Danke Dir, adu! +0
Wow :) "Marc Style" bellissimo :) I'm shivering+1
Januar 29 2016 13:21:35
Liesching Grazie, Mario! And many thanks for your delicious addition! :) +0
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