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While listening this hypnotic carpenter's bassline and Marc's keys mixed layed on a Martin Pointon's drums take, I was wondering what the structure was... I still don't know what carpenter was really playing... So I first decided complete Marc's chords adding a jazzy guitar. At this point things totally went out of my control... I upload here a sequencer file, but do not hesitate to ask me the separate files if needed. I usually write and sing in French... So: English native speakers "loopers" please help ...
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pop funk fusion song


I am very impressed with your works, Funkystan :)
Really great vocals, mix, dealing with the song etc.
You could do more of this...!
Februar 03 2016 16:36:12
Funkystan Yes Carpenter with your help it can be done^^... While doing this I was dreaming about having the separates tracks... I'm actually working on 6 tracks looking like this one, but It needs time ^^ +1
This is superb work, Stan. This, as you say, is a complex arrangement to work with vocally and you've nailed it.

Your production values are fantastic too. Many thumbs!! :)
Februar 03 2016 16:44:50
Funkystan Many thanks Martin. I've red some of your comments while listening which track I could download from you and I guess I know how accurate you are about music and arrangement work. So... You can't imagine how important are your words for me since what I'm doing here are my first attempts after a 15 years break... Thanks Martin. +1
Februar 03 2016 16:52:26
mpointon 15 year break?! I had 7 years out from playing and if I could play to your standard after such a gap, I'd be very happy! Excellent work.

I am a bit fussy about how I play an arrangement - it's because I just want it to be 'right'! Can't help it.
Februar 03 2016 17:10:24
Funkystan You know what Martin?... Your fussy way when making is a great luck for me and I guess for the loopers... I've heard many drummers during studio sessions... Keep on making it 'right' like this Martin, I'm a fan ^^ +1
Welcome in the fonky tribe Stan!
You are a gem genius
Red AmazingZone

I don't know if you know GURUFISH but ça sonne genre... :)
Februar 03 2016 17:12:08
Funkystan J'ai fait ma "reply" de travers ^^ Merci Tof ;-) +0
Hey Tof... Many thanks ^^ Seems like the French Funky Fresh Federation spirit lives at wiki ^^ Even if that particular remix is not that funky ;-) I've never heard about Gurufish, but for sure I'm listen them (merci pour le tuyau^^)...
The red zone was sort of an evidence if you listen to what Martin, Carpenter and Marc have done before. It also was a way to make it sound a bit wilder (sinon, çà sonnait un peu "cul cul" (Loopers who don't speak French can have a look at google trad ;-)
Many thanks Tof ^^
What a voice !
Here you are with seventh one string... The vocal :)
The red zone is really cool with an overflowing of pure energy.
Je crois que tu as trouvé ta place dans le coin..:)
Februar 03 2016 17:47:42
Funkystan je fais mes "replies" en cliquant mal, dsl ^^ +1
Februar 03 2016 17:53:39
titi Tu cliques " j'aime sur une réponse si la réponse te plait, et répondre pour répondre au com " +0
Februar 03 2016 17:55:14
Funkystan Yep, je ferai gaffe ^^ +1
Wow man, that is impressive indeed! Very cool vocals and your arrangement is splendid! Love it man! :)+1
Februar 03 2016 18:18:01
Funkystan Hey Marc... Thanks ^^
The template mix you've done was great... I was lost in the structure and I've tried to lay on what you and carpenter have done... I feel pleased if you like it... Doing this I've listened many many times what you've done playing... It's accurate, intuitive and constructed... I'am a fan ^^
Februar 03 2016 18:46:06
Marceys I lost the structure too at first! Worked out very cool Funkystan! :) +1
Februar 03 2016 18:46:39
Marceys And thanks for your compliment! :) +1
cool and catchy song ;)+1
I will... listen to them... sorry ^^+0
Hey Titi... I don't really know how to translate what "seven one string" means, but seems like it sounds good for you...
Ma place dans le coin... Yes ^^ Cet endroit et les musiciens qui font le truc ici me stimulent... Merci Titi ^^
Thanks Oliv... J'étais en train d'écouter ton morceau 22497 avec l'harmonica de Titi... Je fais tourner ^^+0
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