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just a little drum track i did


That´s amazing! "just a little drum track i did" is the understatement of the year :D+1
excellent soundjob there again shum,
either your set is tuned masterly (wish I could do...) or you are a hell of a mixing man... or you invested a lot in good mics...
this is real HQ drumtrack man, thanks for sharing!
oh man! theese triolic bassdrum parts from 1:30 on are the shizzle!+0
Masterclass all the way.+0
That`s metal at it`s best!!+0
Great power drums. This will be very useful for many sessions. Thank you Shummer+0 usual. They need to make one of those emoticon things that bow down in worship "Oh mighty drum player. You are freaking awesome." :D+0
thanx guys im just glad to be a part of wikiloops i can't wait to hear some remixes
I'm getting an awesome new pedal EHX Metal Muff, getting my best axe worked on, and my old Ampeg tube amp repaired. When I achieve getting the new sound I want this will be the first track I try it out on. Been going over it this morning and it will be a huge challenge but its sooo bad that I just have to grab this raging bull by the horns. Thanks again Shumdrummer+0
Yeah! Good drums!+0
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